Maciocia would trade anybody on his team to get Maas back in Ed, So trade Maas for Ricky Ray strait up. Since Maas has left Ed they have struggled and Maas is sure the spark plug that makes Ed go let alone Maciocia's big love for Maas. So make the deal. :thup:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Good one. I think Maciocia (sp) will be out of Edmonton long before Ray.

Here is something to ponder. A few years back when Charlie Taffe was Head Coach in Montreal. Maciocca was on the staff.

Scenario: If Taffe becomes HC could his OC be Maciocca if he is fired in Edmonton?

Mass and Maciocca together again.

That would be brutal, a q.b who can't throw father than 50 yards with an o.c who hasn't changed his play book in 10 years. Every team in this league knows Danny's playbook better than he knows it, and every team knows exactly when he calls certain plays. Edmonton has the best q.b in the league, amazing receivers, yet they've been sputtering on offence for the last 2 years because of Machoochio.

Together again in Edmonton not here would be great. :wink: