Big Ti-Cat - Bomber - Rider deal
REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders acquired Dan Goodspeed in a trade with Winnipeg on Wednesday and then shipped him to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for fellow import offensive lineman Jordan Rempel.

In the trade with the Blue Bombers, the Roughriders also acquired the negotiation list rights to import running back Tyler Roehl, a fifth-round pick in the 2009 CFL Canadian draft and a fifth-round pick in 2011 or 2012.

Saskatchewan also has the option to swap first-round picks in either 2010 or 2011 or, if not, the Riders will receive two future second-round draft picks from Winnipeg.

The Blue Bombers got import receiver Adarius Bowman, non-import offensive lineman Jean Francois Morin-Roberge, non-import defensive back Brady Browne, a player from Saskatchewan's negotiation list, the Roughriders' sixth-round draft pick in the 2010 CFL Canadian draft and a fifth-round pick in 2012.

Saskatchewan sent Goodspeed and a fifth-round pick in the 2009 draft to the Tiger-Cats for Rempel and Hamilton's second-round pick (ninth overall).

Personally I don't like it. I think Bowman could be a real good one (once he cures his stone hands). This one almost seems like a PR move getting another Saskatchewan product. I don't care if a guy is from Saskatchewan, I only care if he can play. Rempel is a good player, but it seems like a weird trade to me.

Sask gets: Jordan Rempel, negotiation list rights to import running back Tyler Roehl, a fifth-round pick in 2011 or 2012, second-round pick in 2009 ( 9th overall ), swap 1sts or pair of 2nd round picks.
Hamilton gets: Goodspeed and a fifth-round pick in the 2009 draft
Winnipeg gets: Adarius Bowman, non-import offensive lineman Jean Francois Morin-Roberge, non-import defensive back Brady Browne, a player from Saskatchewan's negotiation list, the Roughriders' sixth-round draft pick in the 2010 CFL Canadian draft and a fifth-round pick in 2012

Can we get Tillman back, this one is a real head-scratcher.

Next we will trade Durant for a 5th round pick in 2018 or some random o lineman that is from Saskatchewan that we don't really need...we will be sorry for giving up Bowman

Rempel is an upgrade from Morin-Roberge, so Sask got an minor upgrade there
The 5th rounder and 2nd rounder put Sask back into this year's draft. The future draft picks could be big.

Winnipeg gets Bowman, who has Stegall-like potential, if he can get over the dropsies. They trade an import O-linemen for a NI O-linemen and get Bowman for picks.

Hamilton gets Goodspeed, who is a proven starter on the O-Line, an upgrade, but at the cost of ratio.

Everybody seems to have gotten what they needed.

You kidding? This has ET’s finger prints all over it. Complicated, multi-player deal so no matter how it turns out, nobody can ever go back and look at the deal and say, “gee that wasn’t clever to trade player A for player B” . But if any player pans out it’ll look like a really good deal because nobody will ever be able to figure out what we gave up either…

On the surface… I think we dd okay. I don’t believe Bowman was going to start for us this year. Neither was Roberge. I don’t know enough about Rempel, except that he also fits the theme—we’ll trade nearly anything to get a homegrown boy. So what we gained is a couple of draft picks—I guess now we’ll hear “well the draft was deeper than we thought” and some futures. We need to bring a couple of import RBs to camp–just wish we’d find a few on our own. Anyone know anything about Tyler Roehl? And anyone want to bet we gave the Bombers a qB off our neg list? After all, were there any players on that list NOT QBs?
I don’t know. It was a lot of commotion, but I think we traded Bowman for a couple of 2nd round draft picks. And that seems fair.

Fantuz had his struggles with holding onto the football..we didn't go trading him away. Also, we are thin at WR as it is. We are fine at slot but wow we are in some trouble out wide. Bowman has the size and power and decent speed. That is what we need, not guys like Bagg.

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Roehl is a monster dude. Good old West Fargo product and played goal for the Packers in high school from what I am told. The guy was a STUD at NDSU. Reminded me a lot of Josh Ranek.

Certainly got Ranek's bowling-ball frame at 5'10", 230-ish lbs.

Other Roehl linkage:

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People keep saying the Riders are thin at wide-out. We have 13 guys under contract, at least two of which, I believe were ahead of Bowman on the depth chart, and 4 or 5 are big strong and fast like Bowman. For sure I like Walker to start, though we will look at Bagg as the everydown guy. Bowman could be a good one. So could any of the other guys. At this point, it is a crap shoot for all of them.

See, it all makes sense now---Roehl has been pre-disastered:

2005: Spent season recovering from a broken leg suffered during the spring practice his freshman year

Don't get me wrong, I like Bagg and Walker..but they are too small and if Durant struggles, he doesn't have anyone out wide to throw a jump ball to. We should have been more patient with Bowman.

Don’t get me wrong. I like big wide-outs myself. And Walker ain’t that. But right now, today, I believe Walker was ahead of Bowman on the depth chart and deservedly so. And we have, I believe, 8 receivers under contract over 6 feet tall. A starting 4 of Fantuz, Clermont, Dressler and walker is a pretty solid starting 4. It would be nice if one of the “big boys” can compete for a job on the outside though.

Don't like it. I feel like the AB trade for Goodspeed was a good one, but I feel like we got hosed trading Goodspeed to Hamilton for Remple. With what the draft looks like that pick is going to be worthless IMO. I know AB had a case of stone hands for most of the season but I felt like there was lots of potential there. I am now worried about our wideout situation since there doesn't seem to be anyone with any ammount of height on them that can step up at the moment.


Bagg, Rob 6'0
Walker, Gerran 5'10
Childress, Brandon 5'9
Jones, Chris 6'3
Quinn, Johnny 6'1
Blythe, Todd 6'5
McGahee, Casey 5'9
McKoy, David 6'2
Berman, Carl 5'9

I don't really know where Nicolson and Getzlaf fit into this picture. Since the 3 slots are obviously Dressler, Fantuz and Clermont and its likely that Bagg is going to be the wideside WR replacing Grant. Not to sound ridiculous imagine if Todd Blythe won the short side WR spot, when would be the last time that there were 5 starting white receivers on the field at the same time (the only reason I even though of this is that Blythe does look like he has some skill and a really good vertical and nice hands but putting him in there makes me worry about having speed on the field as Dressler would be the only guy even on the field on O that has wheels).

3 out the 4 are slots, which we are fine at. If one of the new guys can step in then awesome. But who says they won't go through their struggles like fantuz, like bowman...

this trade did not need to be made today...rempel would be there next year or the middle of this year. At least give Bowman another shot. Walker did not do anything impressive outside the Banjo bowl game. Struggling with drops is not something new. We gave up on Adarius too soon IMO.

that is an interesting assessment. You liked Goodspeed, who wasn't going to start for us, but not the prospects we picked up who may someday....? I think the trade boils down to, for the riders, we gave up Roberge, a former 4th round pick, and Bowman, a back-up wide-out, for Rempel, a former 2nd round pick, maybe 3 2nd round picks. Or an improved position in the first round. If you call Roberge for Rempel a wash---and that is the worst it is, then we got 3 2nd round picks for an import receiver, with unproven credentials. That isn't a bad deal.

A very good Bomber receiving corps just got better as did the NI depth (Roberge & Browne) are basically the draft picks we didn’t have in this years draft. As a Bomber fan, I’m not terribly upset at all with this move.

this is one of those weird moments where, upon first blush, it appears all 3 teams got what they wanted and improved themselves. My hunch is, the Bombers weren't to keen on trading Goodspeed to a division rival, so they likely aren't pleased about that. And in the short term, your o-line just got worse. But import o-linemen are, by comparison, easier to replace than most other positions, and you now can play an extra non-import on the line if you choose. And that could well be Roberge.
The missing piece right now is who was the neg list player the Bombers got....

I don't have a link, but this is the word at

The negotiation list player the Bombers got from SK was University of Utah quarterback Brian Johnson according to the Leader Post in Regina

I do have a link and you are correct. Who would have thought to look on the front page of the Leader-Post....... :oops:
I guess my earlier speculation about the Bombers getting a QB from us was a reasonable guess. If I were mean spirited, I'd suggest that should tell us something about how the respective teams view their pool of QB talent.... mind you, I guess we'll never recruit a RB on our own either.....

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

Johnson has a pretty decent pedigree. Another pure drop back passer(judging from his stats) to add to the stable.

[url=] ... ian00.html[/url]

And it seems fair the qB we gave you has had a serious knee injury, the RB we got broke his leg....