Big things going on behind scenes in Edmonton??

So we heard on the post-game show driving home yesterday that the Eskies had a good number of poo-bahs in Regina yesterday to witness the loss first-hand. Not just Dancin' Danny, but Rick Lelacheur as well and three members of their Bd. of Governors/Directors. That's a lot of high-priced talent for week 3, and certainly out of the ordinary, as team brass, and particularly board members rarely if ever attend road games.

My guess is if you're joining the team on the road for enjoyment's sake, you'd wait for Vancouver or Montreal to show up on the sked. Are Hall's days already numbered? And if so, what is out there as mid-season fill-ins? Because remember, you lose both a HC but a DC as well. Maybe Richie giving himself that second job was a subconscious move to gain some job security?

I can't see Strasser being elevated. That would be the ultimate example of the Peter Principal.

not sure if you know of the show on access 7 here in Regina it's called in the huddle Artie but it's hosted by Rod pederson and John lynch
they were commenting a couple weeks back after the shmoes lost to montreal at home that all the talk was if Richie couldn't pull 1 off yesterday that he was donesky
so like you had posted with all the brass headed up by HOWDIE DOODY (D.M) I also have my doubts they made to see us in black & red uni's or the coaches in the loudmouth golf pants
if this is so to bad for Richie because I would also then believe the rumours of D.M being the 1 standing in Richies set up for failure :frowning:

I live 3.5 hrs from Regina, so I didn't know about Rod's show. Something is clearly going on...but like I said, are their hands tied? Sure they could throw DM back down as HC,but who's gonna run the D? Ol' crooked-fingers Kepley is a fine motivator of men, but I don't like his odds scheming against the likes of Berry and Trestman....

I haven't heard anything about this, but then I live in Ontario... :lol: I can understand the brass being a little nervous. There were high expectations for this team, and after three weeks they've yet to win a game.

Personally, I don't know if I'd go after Hall. The defence seems to be playing well. It's the offence that keeps stalling and imploding. There's one telling stat: The team has been outscored 29-0 in fourth quarters this season.

Not to mention the team is 4-10 since Strasser took over the offence... and two of those wins came against the pathetic Argos last season.

Don't know whose decision it was to fire Worman, but what a mistake that was. Worman had Ray as productive as he'd be over the past few years and it was Daley's inept defense that kept letting the Esks down. Yet Worman got sacked, Daley kept his job until season's end, and Strasser came in to make a perfectly good offense mediocre.

Before you worry too much about firing coaches, maybe can the players who think holding onto the ball is optional. Aren't they around -10 for giveaway/takeaway after 3 games???

Good point there Grims :thup: May have been a different outcome had Stamps switched arms carrying the ball.

there's one problem, firing Hall doesn't solve the problem.

you have to kill the problem where it originates... Danny Maciocia.

he is the one that has to go if anyone does.

he put this whole thing together, he hired Richie Hall, he made a lot of the changes and additions to the team.

he made Hall keep some of the coaches from the past before he came on.

Firing Hall doesn't fix the bleeding, you're just covering it up.

Who do they get to replace Danny Maciocia? Perhaps move Paul Jones upstairs? Just a thought. Like I said in another thread in the Edmonton forum: Esk's go 0-5 and HOLLY MOLLY.

Eric "Da Big Banana" Tillman :lol:

Eskies have to beat the Peg or else some changes happening in SkoVille no question.

Tillman, well, who knows.

Whether or not DM goes is anyone's guess, but if he does go, I wouldn't mind bringing in Tillman. Look at what he created is Saskatchewan? That team's been to the Grey Cup twice in three years.

But that's if he goes.

We can go on and on with names for a GM. So, how about we lure Mike "Pinball" Clemens out of Toronto. :rockin:

Generally it is not EE way to fire GM’S. Historically if they make a mid season change the coach goes and GM stays and GM steps in as coach. So for all those wanting removals…better be happy with DM back on the sideline. I would LOVE to see just a bit of emotion from Ricky Ray. He looks like he’s on ambien. The only energy I saw was when they ran that wildcat package.

Has he ever been a GM?

Anyway, Danny won't take the fall on this one. He's one teflon-coated little Italian.

He kinda reminds me of Barney Rubble...

Regardless, since their last Grey Cup win, the Eskies have been going steadily downhill.

They've drafted badly, there is no long term vision. Last year they signed a bunch of guys, this year they released most of them. They have not given enough importance to building their Oline, every year Ray is working with a makeshift Oline and a new offensive coordinator.

were expectations maybe too high in edmonton this season?

i mean, llets face it here.. they have the receivers in campbell and stamps but outside of that and ricky ray..

who do they have?

a secondary that was just put together in the off season.

linebackers that i cant name

a defensive line that i cant name.

an oline that like stated above.. is makeshift every year.

have been pretty inconsistent to say the least for 3 4 years now even.

why are ppl surprised the esks are 0-3.

hall's defence did their job, and the esks coulda won, if not for turnovers, and campbell - once again - dropping a TD pass.
can't blame the coach for those wasnt bad playcalling that caused turnovers or campbells butter fingers...

why not blame the GM for not bringing in receivers who can catch!

i'd cut campbell right now.

play talbot and peterson more, and cut campbell.

Now I have to wonder if this comment was made after a fine sip of Forty Creek, or if in reality he really does sound like Ed "Nahwton"/Art Carney on which the character of "BAHHH-NEY!" was based. :stuck_out_tongue: