Big Teddy Laurent re-signs

Ouch. Tough crowd.

Don’t forget to try the veal . Dork will be here all week . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old person)

I agree entirely with Palmer’s post. I think Teddy is past his prime but still head and shoulders above most national DT’s jn the CFL especially on the Ticats.
I agree that considering playing an import at his position would have been an option especially since we will likely go with a national at RB this season. This way we can go can go with all imports at the receiver position.

If Laurent is being payed less than his previous contract then I see this as a good signing and quite possibly his last contract.

Our key remaining free agent signings are

  1. J’Gared Davis
  2. Adeleke
  3. Wynn
  4. Addison if he comes back
    5 Frankie Williams

Really not sure what our options are going to be at kicker and punter. I don’t think there is any highly touted kickers in this years draft.

I do have a feeling the Ticats will sign Tasker due to Addison’s uncertainty…but Jalin Marshall and Marcus Tucker should be important pieces of the offence.

If we can’t sign Davis they may have to give former NEW YORK JETS 3rd round pick Lorenzo Mauldin a chance to shine as he showed alot of strength and speed last year.

Absolutely! Teddy is a smart player and a great guy. Fits in with Orlondo’s style well too.

Post of the year.

Good to have Teddy back. If we can get Davis and Wynn back that’s a hell of a dline. Might be some more money in the kitty with Lirim’s sudden departure.

If Davis doesn’t return, I agree with Gerbear that Mauldin looked promising.

Yup. Laurent is tough to handle and is quite often double-teamed. He might not be the one getting the sacks but instead opens up lanes for other defenders to get to the opposing QB.

Ted one of the very best run stoppers in the league. ;D

Exactly, the nose tackle in a 4-3 and 3-4 defense is usually double teamed, leaving the three technique to make the play.