Big Teddy Laurent re-signs

Will provide for some great competition at camp.

A good “Free Agent” signing! Along with Masoli, another of the Big dominoes falling our way. Let’s hope their signing influences others in FA pack to come back.

The one guy I would say that is even more appreciated by his team mates, coaches and opponents than the fans.

Just looking at his stat line of 1 tackle/game and 5 sacks does not due this player justice.

This is great news for TiCat fans . A 2 year contract keeps our DLine strong ! :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (keep the free agent signings coming)

Since you tend to repeat your jokes for lengthy periods of time, I’d like to make sure I understand this year’s verion of “Hey Ticats wake up”. (I can be a bit dense.)

  • Are we mocking the very idea that Evans has to beat out Masoli to become the full-time starter?
  • Or mocking the fans who agree with the team’s stance that a competition should occur?
  • Or mocking the fools who believe there will be a real competition, when you already know that the fix is in to hand the job to an undeserving Masoli?

Really hoping for a response here. This years joke is sailing right over my head.

If people refrain from quoting him, folks who have him blocked won’t be exposed to his attempts at humour at all.

True. But in another thread, you just quoted Garney26.

If you’re blocking people on this message board do yourself a favour and stay off twitter.


The difference is that twitter followups are an endless revolving door of crazies, whereas a forum like this consists mostly of a few “usual suspects”.

I feel like Laurent has lost a step and maybe this isn’t the great signing it seems to be.

I think that a good part of Laurent’s appeal is that he is a National, and therefore, an asset as a starter. I agree that he maybe has lost a step, might even go so far as to agree that the position might be more effectively filled by an American player, but, without knowing the dollar amounts, given his nationality and his contributions in 2019, this is probably a good signing.

A part of me thinks “he’s a guy that Calgary would have let go.” Then again, Calgary let Charleston Hughes go.

Also, as long as he can stay healthy, the nature of the position (and his style of play) is such that a guy like Laurent can maybe keep father time at bay a little longer than guys rushing off the end.

“This years?”
My jokes are timeless.

If Big Ted has lost a step (I’m looking for 100 steps, not the escarpment steps ) he’s a wise man

,makes his steps count…

I don’t think speed is as big a part of his game as power/strength is. I think this is a good national signing. Hope we can now re-sign Davis and Wynn.

agree…not much difference between a 5.8 second 40 metre run and a 6.0

Much like older catchers in MLB. It doesn’t matter if they lose speed because they were never fast.

I don’t know about timeless. We will have to see how they stand up to competition once training camp starts.