Big Surprise

Okay, maybe not, Kelly names Lefors his #1 QB.

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....could've knocked me down with a feather pigseye...... :lol: LeFors has been the no 1 guy all through tc. and now into preseason....Randall is starting to show me some stuff.....however, i think everyone on the club knows who the starter was/is from the get-go......Go Stefan....GoBigBlue.. :thup: :rockin: :rockin:

No big surprise here, LOL. But i liked what i saw from Stefen all of training camp and last night, i am also comfortable with Randall as the #2 QB on the Bombers depth chart, Randall will be a starter within 2 years in this league (hope it's with us). Williams and Kilian DID NOT impress me one bit, maybe the Bombers should've Kept Dinwiddie or Hackney to compete with Williams and Kilian until the end of Pre-Season. Oh well, it's still looking up for the BLUE AND GOLD.

.....i have to disagree on the 'keeping of Hackney'....I think the guy has a great arm and is an intelligent qb....but i think we might have seen him sacked as many if not more times than Kilian.....too slow....BUT i liked his arm over Kilians :wink: :lol: