Big surprise, Ken Peters wrong again?

this is what he wrote:

"It was arguably the finest Ticat debut since another rookie Cat quarterback by the name of Chuck Ealey lit it up 35 years ago"

Ken can remember back 35 years ago but can't remember back to 2 years ago when Eakin came in and threw for 400 yards and 3 t.d's in his debut.

[sarcasm]Yeah, but that was so long ago.[/sarcasm]

Also keep in mind that Wally Gabler started the 1972 season at QB for the Cats. Ealey only started beginning in game four of the season.

If one is talikng about a body of work (a rookie season) then Ealey's in 1972 is the most recent standard. However, as has been pointed out, Eakin's debut was the last huge game by a rookie QB starting out for the Tabbies.

A little too early to get out the anointing oil, but a whale of a first impression by Timmy!

Oski Wee Wee,