Big Steve Morley

I am curious how Morley is doing in camp thus far. Anyone know how he is performing after the disappointing season he had with the Argos last season?

He has performed well. Well enough thus far to make the team if not for the teams outstanding depth at tackle. We will see shortly. I suppose he'll suit up for one if not both exhibition games.


Steve is currently on the Injured Reserve along with Chris Getzlaf and a handful of others.

Morley worked really hard in the off season to get in prime shape. He was still at his NFL playing weight when he was with the Argos last season.

He won't be on the field on Saturday, but hopefully he gets put on the Active Roster soon!

I go to practice some. 4 or 5 times this training camp. 1 a week during season. I think Morley has looked good. Heard he was fat in Toronto. But hes not fat at all. Think he lost 40 pounds. He looks like Doug Brown in Winnipeg now. Morley has 1 problem I see. He is on same team with Glen January and Wayne Smith and Gene Makowsky. All 3 are good and may play before him. But he has looked good in practice. I was at practice today. January was limping. So maybe Morley will play.

Morley lost at least 50 pounds in the off season (we went to the same gym in Halifax), I don;t want to exaggerate but I know it was 50 for sure.

You'd think the Riders would give the former Number 1 draft pick the start in the opening game of the season to see how he plays.

Hoping Big Steve gets playing time this year!!

LEC I think the Rider coaches like Morley. Most fans are very happy with the trade to get him here. But the player you traded us Wayne Smith is damn good. January looks like a good 1. And Makowsky has started for 10 years. Same for Oday. Riders also have Abou Mechrak and Parenteau. Both good Canadians. Nothing against Morley. But Riders may have best 0 line in CFL.

Glad to hear the Riders coaches like Morley! He's a very likeable guy (of course he is, he's Nova Scotian :smiley:) and he'd be a great fit on any team!

I'd rather see Steve on the IR rather than the PR, so I guess I should be happy he is there :slight_smile: