Big step backwards - Esks badly outcoached

Failing to make adjustsments for the blitz.
Leaving Joseph in the game when he clearly was not "in the game".
Not challenging an offside pass.
Forgetting the moving the QB out of the pocket is what brought success for two games.
Not running the ball.

This game can be summed up in 7 words. "Reed had his head up his butt"!

Since Joseph played great in 2 games, there may be reluctance to replace him. Besides, the backup quarterbacks look worse. Give BC's defense some credit for containing Joseph in the pocket so that he couldn't run out. Edmonton weak offensive line struggled and perhaps there should be more runs or short passes. But CFL is mostly a passing league and run plays are low priority. Teams that are behind in scoring tend to pass more to catch up.

Ain't that the truth. I'm sure you are correct as to why Joseph was left in the game.

6 out of 24 in passing, they could not have been worse. I don't blame Joseph, he had lots of pressure and he had an off day. I blame Reed and the coaches for doing nothing to adjust to the pressure and for leaving in when he was having a bad day.

Lions [depth] owned the line of scrimmage big time...kudos to Stubler. Out coached is an understatement.
As for the game in Montreal; start Jyles - end of story already.

No lets not start Jyles ever again. I don't blame Joseph in this as much as I do the Coaches why would they not give Messem the ball more early in the game and wear out the Lions D line to set up Charles for the 4th I can't understand why this team gets the best running backs in the league and then fails to use them. It doesn't make sense to have Joseph throw deep in the pocket when he has no time to set up they should have had him rolling out of the pocket passing off to Messem and making the Lions D line spread out until BC changed it's defensive schemes.

I doubt Charles will play in Montreal due to a knee injury suffered on a blockimg assignment in the B.C. game. From what I understand Cory Boyd [to back-up Messam] is back in Edmonton as posted in another thread with links.

This may be a blessing in disguise I think you need a big back to wear down the D lineman with Messem and Boyd are chances are greater at doing that.

I actually think Hugh Charles would have been more of a threat against the Als, whose run defense is pretty solid up the middle. Against an aggressive, blitzing defense, you want to bounce plays to the outside, let the RB outflank his pursuit into the flat: he's got tons of open space in which to run since the defense is all stacked to the line. Winnipeg ripped up Toronto's defense doing exactly that last week.

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Your're right D&P, but Charles will not suit up.

Once again Reed waits until the game is essentially out of hand before pulling Joseph. Two straight games, Joseph is totally ineffective but still he plays into the 4th quarter. I am not anti Joseph, all quarterbacks have bad days. Just give him the hook when it is obvious that he is having one of those bad days.

I have nothing against Joseph either I think he is a better option then Jyles. Joseph problem is his body cant react as fast as his mind and that is normal for a aging QB. I think Joseph would be better suited as a mentor for the young guys I would even think keeping him around as option number 3 for next year would be a good idea.

Its funny how some ppl on here think they know all the answers and can coach the CFL. LMFAO. try making an adjustment to a offencive change on defence when the play is happening. you cant. the game is a thousand miles an hour. The defence took two years to improve. so what cfl offence would improve in 4 months? it takes time! If Edmonton had Jerome Messam here from day one, healthy and in better shape the season and ratio would be different.

Losing 6 games by 10 points or less total sucks. But if you take them and turn them into wins, Edmonton is in the hunt for 1st place. Edmonton was in rebuild mode in 2010. Its only 2012. Tillman did a great job and by 2014 edmonton will be a top CFL team. *Of course unless the eskimos hire another Danny Mac. then look out for another playoff droubt.