Big rumor! Riders heavily after Austin for GM and HC

ON the Riders phone in show the guys were talking about the rumor that the Riders really badly want to get Austin as their GM and Head Coach!

Now if this were to happen? Wow!!

Not sure I want him to do dbl duty. Might be too much to take on.

considering last season was the biggest turnaround season in 60 years for an NCAA team I can't see it happening, even if this year is not going as well. I also believe he signed 3 years, meaning he is under contract for 1 more year, and would need to be let out of it (though I am not 100% sure on the length, but I seem to recall reading that).

just remember that Tillman let Austin out of a Contract as well that he easily could have said no to.

it can always go the other way.

Anybody can "want" anything; doesn't mean they have an actual chance of getting "it".

Well, Austin just shot down the rumor. Looks as if it isn’t going to happen

Austin doesn’t want to be here. 2007 he was just filling time until he got his dream job down south. I hope he never comes back here because there’s a good chance it would just be like Charlie Taaffe in Hamilton. CFL is and always has been a footwarmer for that guy. NCAA can keep him.