Big Question... What do we need to do to defeat the Lions?

this is a serious opportunity to crush the Lions run for 2 straight Cups!

What do the Saskatchewan Roughriders need to do in order to accomplish the win?

My first thought is an Error Free game!

They need to run hard, throw accurately and take full advantage of every opportunity given to them!

It is going to be a very tough game but they need to play hard and be very well prepared!

They need to win the turnover battle. If it's Jarious Jackson getting the start, we need to get pressure him and force him to make mistakes since he has no experience in the CFL playoffs.

We also need to cover well on special teams, Smart had that huge return the last time these two teams played that kept the Lions in a game they had no business being in.

What do we need to do to defeat the lions? Ah, score more points than them??

But seriously, they will be a tougher team, with skills all around. But the can be beaten. We have shown that. I think our players simply need to want it more. At this level, the game is mental. You want it so bad, you can taste it, chances are you will.

Plain and simple, our guys have to make plays, eliminate the big plays by BC's offence, and win the battle in the trenches meaning protect Kerry Joseph and open up holes for the run, and as well as get pressure on whoever will be Quarterbacking for BC

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I don't expect it to be an easy game. If we want to win we have to get a lot of pressure on defence to contain the passing attack (along with Joe Smith). As far as offence goes Kerry's just gotta do what he does best which is use his legs and arms to make big plays. If we can get Cates going in the run game and get the ball to Flick and Fantuz we should be able to come out on top. Let's not forget the special teams battle either. Last game against BC Ian Smart had a huge return that gave the Lions some huge momentum and ultimately affected the outcome of the game. To sum it all up, we gotta play discipline football and get up on them early if we wanna come out on top.

Pray for a miracle?

Lions don't worry me they never did, Stamps did worry me, now they are out of our way, One thing that will be a problem in B.C. will be their noise, they have been know over the years to be caught cheating with simulated noise, and i'm willing to bet it won't stop next week. I think Joseph will have call problems hopefully they work this out. Defence needs more presure on the QB, mistake free football, no weather conditions this will be a great game. totally confident in a Rider victory in B.C.

I totally agree that we should be confident heading into BC. It is just a matter of executing and getting the job done out there. If we play like we can I see no reason as to why we can't be heading to Toronto for the Grey Cup on November 25th.

You got it halfback28 Riders play very well against the Lions, i'm willing to bet they are some what worried about who's coming to town next week :slight_smile:

Riderfan23, Just like the last 2 times the Riders came to B.C. for the West Final.

I'm sure the Lions are worried. With that being said. Should be one heck of a game. The winner of that game should be the favourite to win the GC.

Lionbacker your right there, it's going to be one hell of a game

The top 2 teams based upon record, should be a dandy!

The last 2 times Austin was not coach. Worth sitting in cold last night. What a win. My voice is gone. My ears are gone. We won 1st home playoff game in 20 years. Austin is a great coach. Last 2 times in BC. They mean nothing. Wish I could be in BC this time. Should be great game. 2 great teams.

Miracle has 2 names. Joseph. Austin.

The game is there for you to win, and I do hope that you do win it. It won't be easy, but in the playoffs rarely are things ever easy.

What I truly hope for is that next Sunday we see 2 games as good as the 2 we saw yesterday, both games were great, and all 4 teams left it all on the field.

Only thing I would worry about from the Green Riders' perspective is the fact that yesterday you let Calgary hang around too long. You could have put them away early but didn't get it done; heck if it wasn't for that offside call on the first onside kick at the end of the game, it is quite possible that Calgary could have pulled out a shocking win.

You won't be able to get away with that against BC in BC. Touchdowns, not field goals, is what you will need. That and a ferocious defence.....Reggie Hunt needs another monster game like he had yesterday.

...paging Mr. Cates...paging Mr. Wes Cates...

What is the update on Cates, anyone know? If he can't go on Sunday, then I think you should dress Childs as insurance, both Holmes and Ranek got a bit banged up....

Childs is crap...we'd almost be better playing with no one...almost...

In order to beat BC, Sask needs a quick start to quite the crowd down a bit. And then to play Saskatchewan's game.

It should be a good game with all kinds of possibilities going on. It will be interesting to see which BC offensive line shows up. The one that can be dominating or the one that takes stupid penalities. If it is the stupid penalities one, Sask has a great opportunity to win.