Big QB signing by the Argos

Does Ricky Ray ring a bell.

1 guy! WOW!

Trust me.. a lot more guys go from the CFL to AFL rather than the other way around.

Then there's that guy Micheal Bishop. That's 1/4 of the CFLs starting QBs right there.

Didnt Bishop play arena?

He played arena, he didn't come from there.

I agree with you. Ricky Ray is a pretty big WOW!

Good story about the AFL in today's Sportsnet, Kent's big break coming to the CFL. He earned $200 a week in the AFL!!!

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The the Argos season has been going Robert Kent may be the starter by labour day. But its an opportunity for him and who knows if he shows them something maybe they will bring him to training camp next year for a longer look. He appears to have the physical tools to play in the CFL.

Physical tools are one thing… ability is another.