Big Props To BC from Hamilton!

First off, Congratulations goes out to my favorite coach (Everybody Loves) Wally! You guys hung in tough against the Argos. The game was there for the taking and I'm delighted you did. That helps us solidify a playoff spot as it keeps the last place Argos further behind us. You helped us get that game back that we lost to them in OT in the Labour Day rematch in Toronto. Not to mention keeps you guys in the race. I hope Buck is feeling alittle better this morning after having taken a couple of bell ringers. He hung in. He's tough. Thanks from the Hammer! :thup:

Glad our win could help you guys. :stuck_out_tongue: Glad to see you guys may be hosting a playoff game this year.

It is great to see the Ti-Cats doing what they're doing this season. They have paid their dues for the past few seasons with dismal records. It would not surprise me if they end up in the Grey Cup this year- against B.C. hopefully! Hehehe

An all cat Grey Cup would be cool indeed.

Lions and Tigers and Buono, oh my! Lions and Tigers and Buono oh my! :lol:

Howdy. My first post over here on the left coast…would be nice to see you guys in the playoffs just beat the Esks out and stay in your division. :stuck_out_tongue: Heres hoping we get a home playoff game

I like this side of you alot better, Grimson. :rockin:

It does nothing but good for the league to see the Ti-Cats make the playoffs. That team has had its fair share of bumps over the past few seasons and to see them have a turn around and be competitive every game is good for every fan.

I can imagine it is going to be quite the atmosphere in the Big Ham and those fans deserve a playoff game. It says loads about CFL fans that they have stuck by their team.

Should be a good game.....Go Lions

Nobody was happier than me to have had a hand in BC's playoff hopes. Finally, we became relevant. I could just imagine in my mind's eye, Wally sitting at home in front of the TV for the Bombers/Ticats game, cheering on the Cats in his black and gold colours chanting Oskee Wee Wee as Knowlton took Bishop the other way for 6. If we have to lose to anybody, it would give me the least pain to lose to the Lions because you have a classy owner and coach.

It was the first time I ever uttered the words…Go Hamilton. It was weird for sure.

In the end it was a humbling season for the Leos but should be a heck of a game.

As for Wally, I had the honour of meeting him this season and he is a class act the whole way. You have that right for sure.

My recollection of Wally goes all the way back to the 70's when he played special teams for the Alouettes who at the time were my favorite team. He played with some great players on those Alouette teams and greater still, those epic Grey Cup battles with the Eskimos! :thup:

I love the CFL, how much history we have for such a "little" league eh?!!?.

I am giddy for tomorrow.!!!!