Big Play Defense

In true form the Cat Defense gives up big plays when it matters the most. How many times in the last minutes of games or halves have we seen them allow the opposition to score. Too many, yes they have flashes of brilliance at times but generally they are easily beatable. The Cats will not win the big game until this is resolved. Our man coverage is terrible, the Riders demonstrated against both Calgary and Hamilton that if you blitz we are going long.

Secondary is the early off-season project as is DT IMO.Yes, DT.Matt Kirk is alright, Bolden is mediocre, Reid is just brutal.This is where Adams' retirement hurts most.We need a guy that can create holes from inside, a guy like Aaron Hunt or Doug Brown.And work much much harder on play calling for both sides.

Durant had 418 passing yards this game. Drew might've said it best with these quotes:

Quarterback Darian Durant hit Rob Bagg for a 70-yard catch and run, who was so wide open he could have stopped for a burger and a shake on his way to the end zone.
But Durant hit Weston Dressler – yep, he was wide open too – for a 43 yard TD strike with one second left in the half. How wide open? Dressler had time to make a diving catch, roll over a couple of times, get up and stumble in the end zone.
I don't like to point the finger at one player in the secondary when collectively they were lousy. But I'll say this: Bo, you STILL don't know coverage.

And as I said in the game thread, maybe we should give Snickers bars to the secondary if they make players not play like Betty White.

TYPICAL Bo... I was not happy with him signing here again.. and THAT is the very reason...... he was beat a couple times but for the grace of Rider receivers dropping balls the score could have been worse

Blame the front office talent evaluators....

They did nothing to fix this problem in the off season!!!!

The Thompson-Mann trade does not look good, and not just because Mann has disappointed. They did get Dennis in exchange for a player who got cut during training camp, but that wasn't enough. They signed two DBs in the off-season, but one of them got cut and the other gets burned about as often as Bo Smith.

And speaking of Smith, I said before that I don't know what the Jets saw in him. After tonight, I still don't.

Great game Bo…
Glad to have you back, hope you didn’t unpack :wink:

This has to be the funniest comment. Perhaps someone should anonymously mail Bo a snickers bar. hahahaha

Thanks. After seeing that Snickers commercial, I was reminded of what I was seeing in the game.

In case anyone actually cares, the Bagg catch in the 2nd was on the Dennis / Heyward side. And the Fantuz catch was a result of Tisdale running into the umpire.

I know it's in fashion to rag on Smith, but not all the mistakes tonight were his, including the biggest two plays the 'Riders had.

Just because the two big plays weren’t his fault doesn’t mean he was any good. He got picked apart tonight.

The entire Secondary got picked apart last night.

Congrats to Barker on his first INT though.

Steve Milton's column in yesterday's Spec is looking pretty prophetic. He said the key to the Ticats evolving from a good team to a very good team is the ability to stop the big play and make stops at key times. They obviously didn't pass the test tonight.

Chris Thompson, anyone?

So far, the Mann-Thompson trade doesn't look very good for the Cats.

Enough is enough already.

This is clearly our weakest area and we were just OK last year with Chris Tiompson and now we have no leader or shutdown guy .

I am now seeing Tisdale getting beat often now too.

Any ideas of who should stay ? Any free agants ? NFL cuts ?

I think Jerome Dennis and Heyward ( as a backup) are the only two guys worth keeping at this point :

Bo Smith was nver any good and still is not
Tisdale is not good enough on man to man coverage
Bradley hits hard but plays off of them too much
Shivers has good past success but not much here yet .

How many guys were wise open last night

the two touchdowns to Bagg and Dreschler were wide open and Getzlaf also was wide open all night .

8) That's because we are not a very good team yet !!
  We still can't compete for a whole 60 minutes, and win, against the elite teams like Montreal, Sask. and Calgary !!

Tisdale is on his last year and will likely go to the NFL, Shivers sucks, Bo Smith still sucks, Dennis and Heyward are keepers, Bradley is a good backup.Hinds will be good one day and Chris R. coming next year will help also.Need to get 2-3 impact DB's in the off-season and an impact DT.

Can't really blame anything last night on Shivers and Bradley since they didn't play.

The Bagg TD wasn't because he was wide open. He was wide open because the DB went to pursue Durant who he thought was going to run. There was no safety help over top, and that's what led to the TD. It's not like the DB was badly beaten or anything. Not making excuses, just pointing out what happened.

The Riders shredded the Stamps DBs last week, and they're pretty much considered the best in the league. So last night's results might not be indicative of the DBs play. But their play has been inconsistent all season. There really isn't much that can be done right now, so we're stuck with what we have. Shutdown corners don't grow on trees.

I don't know if I would clean house. But I'd sure look at trying to get someone in via a trade. Send Giguere's rights to Montreal for either Estelle, Parker or Brown.

You win some, you lose some.Hindsight is a beautiful thing.
At the time I was happy to get a guy who could be another perrenial 1,000 yard player for a player that had an off year.Mann still has potential, we just need to retool most of our offence around Bruce and him.