Big Physical RB Aquired

I think there is still gas left in Robert Edwards tank. He is a big back who can break tackles, something the Argo backfield has lacked since Robert Drummond (including "NFL Superstar" Ricky Williams).

It could affect incumbent John Avery, who actually helped Edwards get in touch with the Argos. That says alot about what a class individual Avery really is.

The move could also affect Bashir Levingston unfortuneatly if the team elects to use Dorsey more as return guy.

He can catch too, he hand a one-hand grab for a TD last year that made the TSN CFL Top 10 plays

Ye, in my mind this was a good pick-up for the Argos.

Hopefully he fits in well.

We will see in the coming weeks.

yeah we were hurtin' for a back and any resemblance of a running game, although I'm getting used to the fact that the Argos don't want to run and just want to pass it. With the exception of Michael Jenkins a few years back, we haven't had a running game since Drummond. Ricky Williams was pretty much wasted.

Williams was just an ordinary back in CFL, He is a second down and third and 5 rb, in nfl --Doug Flutie compared CFL d lineman with nfl linebackers, Williams could not cope with the quicker more agile d lineman in CFL, basically Williams just $**# T --- -- As for big RB,s WOW i think CFL teams are allmost equal in size to nfl squads(ecpt 4th downers)TiCats could play 3 RB,s in backfield all over 235 lbs- and Montreal has Walter Paytons son who is Bigger than his dad i think, Anyone Know?

Are you talking about FBs Julian Radlien, Peircy etc?
It doesn't matter the size of the back, it just matters how effective they are and how much the offense is geared towards running the ball. I think Williams could have been decent if there was a commitment to run blocking and if the Argos had a big FB. Remember Tony Burse? Williams is a great athlete and could have tore it up, although his mental state was always in doubt, but hypothetically speaking if he was in Saint's/ Dolphins form.

size means nothing, and edwards will have no impact in toronto, because toronto doesn't know how to run the bal,, doesnt like calling running plays, and dont have the lineman for a power running game, also morley is a fat slob. you can replace kent austin with steve burrato and the offense is still boring with no running game.

you are exactly right. are OL can't make a dam hole for Edwards or Johnson. that is why Edwards only had 35 yards yesterday and Anthony Davis had 80.