Big Owe on Amazing race

When the families are looking for the thing 20 rows back and the camera is showing them with the field in the background. I swear I could tell just from the TV show that the sightlines were bad.


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its the Big O in all its glory !

Watching them arrive at Dorval (P-E.T) airport, they made them cross the island, 2-3 times.

Wow, sleeping on the field of the Big O...

Any of you have an idea, when this was filmed ?

Sure its bad. Why do you think nobody went there?

Did he catch it? Did he drop it???? Who has the ball?


I have a picture like that somewhere in a box in my basement, took it at last Grey Cup !

that reminds me of Teaxs Stadium when I went there many years ago, Dallas isn’t in a rush to destory it.

Thats a nice shot of the the BIG O, does anyone have a panoranmic shot of Molson Stadium. Wow i was a support of moving the Al's to the Big O after that shot, i take Molson Stadium any day of the week. It wasn't that bad for Expos games.

i thought the last row at Gillette Stadium was bad. Did you take that picture from Vermont or Mexico.

Send me your e-mail adress via PM, I have one panoramic (composite) taken from top of section W.

First line of the article:
"Arriving at Parque Olympique in first place, the Weaver family drove around in their golf cart searching for the open door to the stadium. "

PARQUE Olympique!!!!!!

How about the idiot family who couldn't read properly and kept asking where the "Stand Olympique" was.....that got a chuckle out of me.....


That was taken from the very last row. The one thing I like about it was that since it was the last row I could stand up and stretch my legs whenever I want and not block any-ones view

Just out of curiosity, how much does a seat for the last row cost per game?

I paid $40 bucks for that seat.
It was the Toronto Montreal game

WHAT! A seat like that should be at the max 10 bucks American!

So lets all move back there!!!!!
I would like to see a seat on the 55 yard line even that high anywhere for 10 bucks

I mean, that's how much a ticket costs here in Atlanta NHL game on the highest of high levels.

Apples and oranges
The Als tickets for that game went from about 25 to 75$
The thrashers run from 10 to 225

I got a good deal where My GF and I were able to get behind the vistors box (when Phoenix waz in town, I had by Jets Jersey and a Sigh saying "come home!""with the Jets logo on it :smiley:) for $70 each.