Big opportunity for the Cats to take the next step this week

This week the Ticats have the opportunity to themselves decide where their season is going. With Toronto playing Montreal. Ticats with a win and a little help could go in to the by week in second place in the East despite a losing record.

Williams has the opportunity to establish himself as the starter for the rest of the season.

Considering the terrible start. I wish for the Ticats to take that step this week, this is the shift everyone's been waiting for.

Good luck Boys!

this week could completely send our season into the right direction.

With a win and a Toronto loss we will be tied for second with the blue team heading into labour day

[sarcasm] Wait a minute. Isn’t the season over already?

What about all those “must win” games that we’ve lost? [/sarcasm]


You know that last week was a "must win" situation. That loss could have put us in another season doldrum!!

Still would have been tied for third in the east.

Yes, but at 1-6 and the crossover meaning more and more. Not to mention what that does to a team`s psyche like the ticats. That could have put the Cats in a real bad place.

LOL! Still tied for third in the East six points behind THREE teams from the West for the last playoff spot in the east.

BTW: The Ticats haven't won this week's game yet

No argument here, but it’s still not a must win.

A playoff game is must win.

CaptainKirk wrote,

No argument here, but it’s still not a must win.

A playoff game is must win.

Technically Captain,

Last week wasn`t a " must win"

As you know, it`s an expression. Maybe I should use the term. " Important win" but the implications of last week, were huge for the Cats. If they lost, they would have been 1-6 along with the Bombers but way behind the Argos, Allouettes, and the Eskies for the crossover, and more importantly, they would have fallen into the same pattern, that has hampered them for the last few years. without last weeks win, ( in my opinion) their confidence level, probably would have been destroyed and would have made it extremely tough to come back from their 1-6 record and make a run for the playoffs.

a big game for many reasons and not just about standing/numbers.
hope to see a killer instinct from this team and put winnipeg away.
it's huge to be able to win 2 games in a row for this group and gain momentum and confidence heading into labour day.
progress or a letdown? we will see how this team's chemistry has taken shape on thurs.

O.K. - let me try to put this in perspective.
Of course, in some sense, EVERY game is a MUST win. WHY?
Because at the end of the season, when you look at your record, and find yourself OUT of the Playoffs, you keep thinking - if we had ONLY WON that game etc.
Unless you are leading the pack by many games towards the end of the season, then every game should be viewed as a MUST win.
O.K. - I am exaggerating, but I think you get the point.
Next - when you start the season as bad as we did, I would tell the players - look here - let’s all try to get to 500.
Assuming this is our new target, imagine this:

  • Cats are 1-5, playing the Argos. There are 2 scenarios here:
  1. If we lose, we are 1-6. This means it will take 5 wins to get to .500.
  2. If we win, we are 2-5. This means, it will take 3 wins to get to .500.
    So essentially, if our target now is to get to .500, winning or losing 1 game is really a 2-game difference.
    Do you see now how the win against Argos was a MUST win?
    Of course the same argument can be made for ANY game, BUT it becomes more compelling if you are trying to climb the ladder, rather than if you were already up there…
:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Every game you play in your division is a "must win" game for the following reason:

It is a 4-point-game - the 2 points you get, and the 2 points they DON'T.

What if you win the must win games but lose all of the others?
Do you get in or not?


Lets not split hairs about what kind of win we need. We really need a win this any kind will do.
This team has to look at every game as a must win regardless or they may as well stay home.

I'll be rooting for the Cats. It would be wonderful to see Hamilton shake off the "worst team in the league" label and become a legit playoff threat.

A player's perspective...Every game is a must win, or go home. They don't go onto the field thinking anything else, otherwise we don't need to win any games except the last 9.
Ask the Riders which games were must wins.