Big O Roof

Trying to understand this. Als can`t hold a playoff game or Grey Cup in the Big O in November on the chance there might be snow accumulation on the roof.

Well its March, theres gotta be a flake or two of snow on the roof at this point, they are calling for snow this evening, yet the Impact will be playing tonight.

What am I missing here?

Les Alouettes ne font pas d'argent à jouer au Stade Olympique à moins de vendre environ 40 000 billets. Lors de leur dernière tentative, ils ont vendu 33 000 billets. Ils se sont peut-être dit qu'ils feraient plus d'argent en vendant 25 000 billets au Stade Percival-Molson qu'en en vendant 35 000 au Stade Olympique. La réponse du public a été cinglante.

Également, je crois qu'il faut tenir compte du fait que contrairement à la plupart des fois où ils ont eu à jouer des parties éliminatoires à Montréal, leur présence en éliminatoire n'a été confirmée qu'à la dernière partie. Ça laissait moins de temps que d'habitude pour vendre des billets. Quoiqu'il en soit, je crois qu'ils vont probablement tenter une nouvelle fois au Stade Olympique s'ils accèdent aux éliminatoires en pareilles circonstances.

That’s exactly what they did, raised ticket prices so much they could not even sell out McGill !

As for the GC. They’d love to host it but since they can’t get a guarantee from la Regie, they can’t chance it. If the game had to be rescheduled it would be a very costly disaster. would put the Als out of business.

They can reschedule a regular season soccer game
They cant reschedule the grey cup

Here in Niagara Falls we had lots of snow, followed with freezing rain- usually you get our weather the next day. The Winter has been brutal with cold. I am surprised a game is scheduled these days. Tomorrow you in Montreal will get the cold and freezing rain. With the snow policy and, the cold and freezing rain coming your way, I would doubt the soccer game will be played at the Big O.

Not to get off the CFL but how are the ticket sales and projected attendance for the Impacts CCL semi final match at Olympic for Wed March 18th?
Seeing that there was a pretty big interest and turnout of almost 40K for the quarterfinal match that put them into the semis. Especially as noted above that there was a good chance that the match may of had to be pushed back a night with the safety standards with the current roof.
Although the Impact had a disappointing MLS season in 2014. There looks as though in Montreal fans have knowledge and interest in the level of being in the CCL quarters and now semis are a big deal in soccer circles.

For the Als Since their return to the CFL in form of a relocated Baltimore Stallions team. They have not only consistently been a top franchise on the field but also were able to form a culture with having a modern sized CFL stadium. Be able to upgrade it and make adjustments quickly by taking the new capacity down from 25K to the 24K range and add what has become a trendy and popular patio section.
The Formula also developed into home playoff games at Olympic as a regular important piece with crowds of around 50K on hand. 2008 was just the beginning of the CFL TSN Era and transformation of the CFL again, able to boast the second biggest GC attendance ever, 66K plus, 2nd only to the '77 game at Olympic in a different era. Even tough they did not get the sell out they pushed for still very impressive. Even the 2001 GC boasted 65K at Olympic with the Als ahead of the curve during a struggle time for the CFL.

Impact tickets range from 25 to 75 dollars with many, many handed out as comps by the Saputo dairy sales guys to their customers. Als tickets for those 75.00 seats were 215.00

If the Als were charging 25 to 75.00 for their playoff games at the Big O it would have been standing room only.

Thats not really a bad or unusual thing for a franchise such as the Impact being new and forming a fan base in a new sport in a new growing league. People are taking those low cost tickets and are coming to the big matches at Olympic. As for handing out tickets to sales customers of the business entities happens with all teams in all sports. Again though they are showing up.
MLSE/Rogers tried that with their high investment they had in the Bills NFL series and no one showed or were interested at all.
For the Als it shows how important those playoff games were at Olympic. Tickets were of resonable regular prices for those playoff games at Olympic and the place was packed. The formula of having the intimate stadium for regular season then playoff games at the bigger Olympic more than doubling the regular season attendance. With much less seating at McGill having triple ticket costs to equal the revenue of games at Olympic. A much different and not agreeable formula the fans. Not to mention again the huge amount of revenue they are now losing by not being able to host a Grey Cup now. 2001,2008 being seven years apart. meaning that now 2015 they are due to host but cant.
Olympic being not reliable are affecting both the Impact and the Als.

More than affecting each team it is affecting both the CFL and the MLS Canadian franchises.
For the CFL it will be the perfect time to promote a Grey Cup as the one that the modern CFL will break the all time attendance record for a GC game. GC is the biggest annual sporting event in Canada. TSN has gotten it back to the event to watch and for people to attend the festivities in the city. Teams representation at the GC week is huge deal for the fans. With Ottawa back with a franchise, secure ownership, etc. The excitement is high in all of the Ottawa and growing in the gatineau part of the metro. With Montreal being so close and the only venue in which they could break the record and even push and get a milestone 70 Million. REDBLCACKS and mainstream Ottawa metro itself will want to be THE biggest group in a Montreal GC game whether they are in it or not. OSEG is also well invested in organizing and making that happen with the REDBLACK NATION party area and biggest section of fans for a team not in the game. If they were in the game. Forget about it any and all available tickets will be bought up at a record pace with a super huge sea of Red and Black at the game.

The Als as well are back now after a two year regrouping to be a consitant contender as they are accustomed. As well as the east having the southern Ontario Teams having a much more closer and multiple ways to get to Montreal. Especially with a TiCat team now being built as a contender for years to come. Coming off two GC appearances Both in the west. One in Regina which was a difficult situation with limited accommodations and not an easy place to make arrangements to get to. The Other clear the furthest distance in the pacific region in Vancouver.

For Impact and winning the CCL a possibility now. Not having a venue of major sized capacity being a reliable stadium during matches in the cold winter months will be costly to them. Winning also puts two of Canada's pro soccer teams in the CCL. Among it being a major site for the biggest WWC in history. In the summer months Olympic is able to host matches deep into the knock out rounds with its large capacity and the size of the Metro Montreal area able to accommodate a large amount of visitors easily. With Ottawa now with a first class venue hosting an easier shorter distance for visitors who are based in Ottawa as well. The home Canada have preset at least one scheduled pool play match in Montreal. A possible of home Canada and nearby well supported power US as well. Both countries have top ranked National teams.
Soccer in Montreal could get a huge boost. No safe roof will hinder some of that when it comes to potential high profile matches and competitions that will be in Canada.

A 3rd potential sport and variety of groups in MLB interests in Canada also will have some potential events and series of games unable to tap into a Montreal community that seems like it will support and attend heavily MLB games, events, or potential extended two game series that the Jays are having to end Spring Training.
Montreal lost its MLB team to circumstances but they still appear to love their MLB.
No Olympic Stadium will never be able to draw a major league franchise. Yes its old etc. For MLB fans in Montreal none of that matters. They have proven that if a baseball game with MLB baseball players are on the teams they will come. They are baseball fans for the high level of MLB period and dont need a billion dollar stadium to come out to see it. It is about the product of players on the field for them.
Rogers and the Blue Jays would love to be able to bring a longer series of MLB games with the Jays in Montreal to end Spring training.
In a reverse of fortune the Expos had moved several series to a very sub substandard ball park in PR. With baseball being huge in PR fans came out. Tampa Rays are now seeing similar issues. Being in the American League east with the Blue Jays. If Rogers was part of investing $$$ to an NFL franchise looking for a payday with the Bills series that flopped. Rays owner appears like would be interested for the right cost to have a series vs the Jays in Montreal for a price. Much better assurance that the Rogers and the Jays would fill Olympic with MLB fans in Montreal for such a series.
Laugh, Mock, or whatever about the World Baseball Classic. Having Team Canada now with a plenty of Canadian players on the roster playing in and starring in MLB. having team Canada get a bid by hosting its pool in Montreal a good chance again that Montreal fans starved for MLB team of players will come for sure. Again PR gets to host its pool based on the level of fan interest with the same situation as Team PR filled with MLB players.
TVA starved for some content could be willing to put out the $$$ to make it happen.
No safe roof no chance of happening.
none will have any direct affect of Montreals dream of the return of their own MLB team but will be of interest of Montreal baseball fans. For Rogers to get involved in the WBC sponsor part of the pool hosted in Canada in Montreal a lot bigger than in Toronto and RC.