Big O no or O yeah?

I have heard bad things about the big O from a handful of people here and I would like to find out what others think of it.

Is there anyone in Montreal that actually likes the O?


For those who don't like it can you be more specific about what you don't like.

I have a thing for domed stadiums and have always found the Big O quite fascinating with its unique design. I also find it very sad that it has cost the good people of Montreal so much money.

I wish the city would make the most of the place. Sounds like it needs some repairs and cleaning.

Please share any thoughts about the place so me a person who has never been there can better understand. The place is quite an enigma to me and I have to know! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for sharing thoughts!

Its to difficult to get to(not for myself however)
Its cold
It has no atmosphere
You are too far from the field
You have to go back downtown after the game for any celebrations.
The area is not designed to handle traffic after the game.
Who wants to watch an indoor game during a warm summer evening or beautifull fall afternoon.

Is there anything you like about it at all? There must be something.. even if its a small thing.

The only thing that really bothers me is its location. Being on the East end of the island, there are very few places that you can go to for let's say...a bite to eat after the game. The accoustics could also use some improving.

Other than that, I find it quite enjoyable to go watch a game as long as there are more than 30,000 fans or so. Less than that and the atmosphere really suffers (of course, the Als continually laying eggs when they play there also hurts that aspect).

Given the choice between the Big 'O' and McGill Stadium, the latter wins hands down for me though.

Youd think so but no there really isnt. I think the vast majority of montrealers would rather it be demolished and replaced with really anything other than that

I like the games at the Olympic Stadium.

Especially when there are 60,00 fans, and the Als win.

I changed my seats at the Big-Owe because they try to "match" our season tickets at Molson Stadium to the Big Owe's. So that's why I won't complain about not being able to see.

I too, like most people don't like the location of the stadium. It's far, and in the ghetto.

But to sum up, I do like the games at the stadium, but wouldn't like the Als to make that their home. 1 game and a playoffs is okay with me. Although, when the Als hosted the East Final against Winnipeg back in 2000, that was loads of fun, because it was a great game, and always fun to experience an outdoor game in mid-November.

I still remember the result, Winnipeg looking to take the lead in the dieing seconds, and marched the ball downfield. Khari Jones, in the last seconds of the game, threw to Milt Stegal, I saw it happen in slow motion, and I saw Milt wide open, and I thought to myself, oh my God, they scored and we just lost, but out of nowhere, #31 himself, Barron Miles saved the day Intercepting the ball!!! Then there were all the fans going wild, running on the field!

Indeed, one of the greatest games I've experienced...

Off topic, but it kind of set me up :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn't it Lester Smith who made that pick?

I agree though...great game!

You're right! Lester Smith!

What a great team we had. Calvillo and Cahoon in their prime, Mike Pringle, Thomas Haskins, Barron Miles, Stephen Reid, Bruno Hepple... The list goes on.

Smith or Miles, still a dramatic interception and movie like ending! Too bad Haskins tripped over his feet in the Grey Cup game!!!

Blatant pass interference :lol:

That was a great team though but to go 12 - 6 during the regular season and make it to the Grey Cup for the first time since returning to Montreal only to lose to an 8 - 10 team was heartbreaking. :cry:

Dont forget the questionable PI that was not called that would have tied the game.

So here's a question..If the Big-O was taken away and a new stadium built to replace it....Where would Montrealers want that stadium to be??


Specifics please!

Idealy they would expand McGill to 40-45k but I doubt it is possible

As it is, they are having trouble getting everyone on the same page for and additional 5k seats. :slight_smile:

I think they'll be content with the 25k seat stadium for 8 games / Olympic Stadium for 1 game (and playoff if any) scenario.

Thanks for all the input guys!

The one good thing I have heard about the O is that it has great concessions. This true?

I just found a very interesting article from October 2005 about an idea to turn the O into an amusement park.


[url=] ... ig_o.phtml[/url]

Anyone heard of this?

Nope...this is the first I've heard of this. I don't think it would fly though. As bad as the stadium is made out to be, it's Montreal's only chance at holding many big sporting events. The under 20 FIFA tournament for example.