Big O Idea

I know Montrealers were never keen on going to the Big O for games, but would they if the tickets were very very cheap?

My idea is that after the Big O roof renovation how about trying a game or two per year there and offer extremely cheap tickets since there are 66,000+ seats.

So would the Als ever do this, and would you go if they did?

Tie it to some young band and cheap beer and you might attract. A younger fan base

When BC place first opened the soccer team brought in the beach boys to play a concert after the game and 66000 showed up.

When you've bottomed out and are now rising up from the ashes, these promotional ideas make a lot of sense. To fill seats over and over again.

But when your product is un-competitive, and you're still going downhill - these ideas will only fill seats once.

Blow it up, I wouldn’t go there if the beer was free and women were offering free “special services?. Been there done that. Its old, passed date and smells like crap. The sound sucks, seats sucks...basically everything sucks about that 34 i have my memories in there, and they will forever stay memories

They will have to renovate the entire thing if they want to host World Cup games in 2026, so there is still hope for the place. If they redid the slope and brought the seats in (lose the track), redid the audio-visual and multi-media, technology today can deal with the bad acoustics on the concrete toilet by using a greater amount of smaller speakers and even stream inside the stadium, allowing fans to bring their own headphones would be a cool option.

But I doubt the corrupt gov of Quebec will spend the money required, most likely will do a patch job and the roofing contractor will suck up all the money and redistribute it to its friends.

Luckily for Montreal BC Place isn't considered because of its permanent roof.

The BC Place roof is only permanent over the seats. The roof over the field retracts.

You are correct, kind of odd that BC Place has been left out of the bid.

BC Place is left out because Vancouver dropped out of the 2026 bid, after refusing to accept FIFA's demands regarding tax and labour regulations.

No idea if that was the right thing to do, but its too bad for the people of Vancouver.