Big O gets Face-Lift??

A high-tech training complex for athletes will be built in the Olympic Stadium, the Quebec government will announce in the spring. The cabinet decided yesterday that a facelift to the pool should be at the heart of the project, which was supposed to be completed this fall. Rotating strikes in the public sector, however, forced the province to push back the project. Construction is expected to begin between March and July.

i wonder if this is just the begining?

They have been talking about that for years

I, and many other Big O lovers, are crossing our fingers.

Kanga.... you soooo don't know what you're talking about...

Fine, I'll shut up, but I know what domed stadiums are like and I know that it hard to get too, like Texas Stadium was for me when I lived in Dallas, but I regard the Big O as a pro stadium and I hope the Al's continue to use it in the future.

KK, until you actually sat your big fat "derriere" into one of those seats at the Big O to actually watch one game...stop being a Troll !

Always here to make a comment, but never actually have anything interesting to say....yeah, you might have visited 10 000 stadiums in your life, and we don't give a damn....stop talking about thing you never experiences or you don't know about !

Whatever, I'm entitled to my opinion, just ignore me.

Now I'm shutting up. (zipping the lips)

Chill guys.

KK maybe you didn't know but the Big-O in Montreal is called the Big-Ohh cause itcost sooo much and the seats were placed so bad. See, the angled all the rows to low so the seats are far from the feild and not that high. So you're twice as far as you should be plus it''s a baseball stadium which means the seats aren't in a square but in an oval to make it worse.

Plus we season ticket holder guys that have great seats at the Molson Stadium get pretty bad seats at the Big-Ohh so to us it's a reality that it sucks.

If you've never been then come see the last Als home game at the Big Ohh 3rd week of October they said on my season ticket receipt.


I hope the Big O is still going we I come up to Canada, that way I can see for myself what the fuss is.

I’m really tired of standing on my soapbox saying that the Al’s should stay in the Big O cuz it’s a bigger, pro stadium much suited for a city like Montreal than Molson which is a small, college stadium.

I hope that if the Al’s stay at Mcgrill, they expand it to 30,000 seats, no 25,000, WAY to small for a city like Montreal.

I’m stopping my cursade, so let’s get back to the subject at hand here.


Dont take it personnaly KK, peoples that argue with you have been there. Its an horrible stadium. A huge toilet bowl, wich could be used as a mega dumpster, and no one would cry bout it.

as far as the high-tech training center is concerned, i would be surprise if that happen this spring. With the number of strike going on, and coming up, project like that usually have a tendency to goes down the drain...
toilet bowl anyone ??


if Molson stadium was at least a 30,000 seater, I'd have nothing to argue about. A city like Montreal (with a population of almost 3 million) needs a stadium like that. Winnipeg (with 700,000) only needs a stadium of at least 25,000.

I hear that the Al's are barly making ends meat as it is, I hate to see where the club would be if they had a bad season.