Big news in Stamp-land

Sheldon Napastuk and Elijah Thurmon are both gone ... Napastuk retired, and Thurmon was cut.

It's too bad to lose Napastuk, he was good on the D-line. But everyone else here on the forum has convinced me that Thurmon was no good for Burris' consistency ... because Burris kept trying to throw to him, even if it wasn't the best choice.

Thurmon should be signed fast, he causes some problems, but he has talent.

Hamilton needs a talented Receiver, but no locker room stuff.

TO could give Thurmon a chance with Pinball there to make him a positive locker room guy.

Well to all those non believers out there. I stated this months ago that Thurmon would be a guy out of the line up right CFLesksfan. So again take your cake and eat it my friend.
Sheldon is a bit of a shock. Robede must be ready to play first string. Will miss the big guy best of luck to you Sheldon and Thurmon I will be over to help y you pack and get you a cab out of town.

Man, I hope Jim Popp gets Thurmon on the phone. We need quality receivers.

Taman I am sure is already talked with ET and sent him a ticket to bomberland. :lol:

Anybody know why Napastuk retired? I don't remember anybody saying anything last season that it might be his last. Rumours are he wasn't happy with the money offered. Similar to why Lefsrud retired at the end of the 2005 season. But, we got him back now!

He may well be the player that did not like the pay cut that he was asked to take. In spring there was every indication he was going to suit up. Then the Eric Francis story about someone being unhappy. We now know who that player was. Good luck Sheldon.

It wouldn't hurt the Eskies to give Thurmon an invite to TC. Not that I like other teams scraps or anything. :lol:

Seems to me that I agreed that Thurman would be gone. Where we differed is that I said and still do that Copeland wouldn't play a down for the Stamps this year. This is just the start, there will still be 1 or 2 veteran receivers that won't be around for the start of the season for the Stamps.

I see you are changing your story some what there CFLEF. Yes you did say Copeland would not be playing but you never mentioned Thurmon's release. So on Copeland I think the release of Thrumon basically puts Copeland in a Stamps jersey for another year. If any reciever is on the bubble form here on in I would say Rambo might be if there is a training camp suprise that surfaces.

....I'd take Rambo over Copeland right now....anyways, what the radio guys are saying is that Nasty retired to pursue his off field career as a realtor to take advantage of Calgary's insane housing market right now...he'll still keep his football radio show with Randy Chevrier in town....but who knows?, maybe theres' all sorts of stuff we don't hear about behind the scenes...

I hear that! :thup:

Here is a quote of a statement from Sept 11, 2006. If you choose to read it(I'm certain you can read), you will see that I have always said Thurman would be gone. Where we disagree is on whether Copeland will be staying and I still say that there will be at least one more veteran gone, probably 2.

"Do the math RW, you have four receiver positions. Last year you had Rambo, Lewis, Thurmon and, Copeland filling the starter roles. This year Boerighter will fill one of these spots and Thelwell will fill another. That leaves all 4 of last years starters competing for 2 positions. The team simply can't afford to pay all of those salaries.

We all seem to agree that Thurmon will be gone, it is my opinion that Lewis if he has his head in the game is by far the best talent of the group and will be staying. That leaves Rambo and/or Copeland with a bus ticket out of town."

Actually 05, Taman said this morning he has no interest in ET.

Big loss losing Nap, another NI starter gone.

There may have been cap/financial considerations with both players.
As Eskfan points out, with Thurman, somebody had to go and odds are Thurman was more expensive than Rambo as his free agent signing last year was based on 1000+ yds and an all-star berth.
Copeland might yet be a casualty for similar reasons, with the addition that age is catching up with him (only 30, but still the oldest import).
Do the Stamps have players signed at receiver that don't show up on the CFL roster for some reason?
Because if they don't, they are mighty thin at receiver.
The website only lists 7 guys, including 3 NI.
That would mean 0 competition for jobs as all 7 will likely make the roster. And nobody better get hurt....

As for Napastuk, he is 33 years old and may simply have had enough.
Do the Stamps have a quality NI to fill his shoes or is that another import issue for them to resolve?

....[wipe tear from eye] sniff [/wipe tear from eye]....your concerns just make me melt you guys, stop it already....Miguel Robede should be able to step into Nasty's shoes....

...on the receiver issue, there are three receivers that don't show up on our roster....Howry, Arthur and Challenger...

:lol: :lol: R&W don't you like the concern of other teams fans. Seems to me we have a lot of closet Stamp fans out there.

Maybe its because of the all the snow you are getting right now...

Snow what snow I am picking the oranges off my trees. :lol: But Lil Sambo you just keep being concerned I enjoy when other fans worry about the Stamps. :lol: :lol: