Big News Coming!!! Halifax expansion

Heard today that there is major news coming after a massive development in the process took place this week.

I hope so it's about time to reward a conditional franchise to the group.
Let's get a team in place to play in Moncton by 20, while the stadium complex is built.

Heard from?

This sounds like the same stuff from the troll, who signs up and announces a bunch of big (and false) things. He has gone by the name "Access media" among others.


TBH, I miss that guy. :slight_smile:

An actual chosen area and stadium style would be a big push forward .

That seems to be something I thought by now we would have had concrete plans on so they would have numbers and concept to be digested and vetted thru the usual channels .

That step is a major step that should be in place after all the analyzing to see which
area and cost would be acceptable now and manageable for the future .

He was entertaining and very persistent!

Like me with my movie reviews (smile).


Didn't you just accuse me of being "Access Media" a few weeks ago? Some knee-jerk reaction on your part?


Not a chance of happening now or much later!!!

Halifax should just hold onto their dream of having an NHL team, this dream won’t cost the taxpayers a dime and still pretend they are “in the mix” for the “big time”. :-*

Yeah right.

Are you actually trying to pat yourself on the back here like nobody knows?

chuck? chuck Norris? is that you buddy??

Johnny called it! Sully confirmed in the CBC thread it was the same guy.

Yeah, this is an Access Media alternate account. There's no point to this topic so I'll lock it up.