BIG MO was on our side but......

we had a great season last year doing the unthinkable and with hope springs eternal. We released some guys signed some guys lost some guys and up till now my vision has been will be back in the thick of things come november 2014 however the struggles of the stadium being done amongst what they say and now the potential strike.
nothing against the players bob young or the cat organization. camp begins in less then 24 hrs in previous i was pumped and ready couldnt wait this year im worn down and to a point of i starting not to care.
Any thoughts?????????

I honestly have NO idea how this team will perform this year. Such radical changes in personnel suggest to me that any momentum from last year is a mirage. IF we get to play we will just have to see if this group gels or not and if the new hires can get the job done in this context. If they do… wonderful.

Zero expectations from me, boys. Zero. I’ll wait and see.

Here's a thought. The last game your team played in was the Grey Cup. For the first time in 14 years. They have not even begun training camp for the ensuing season, and already you say you don't care.

Just a thought.

I hope they perform.... poorly, badly, goodly!

At least that'll mean there's been a season. This strike chatter is something I thought we were insulated from in the CFL.

Please excuse the following off topic (somewhat) remark.

Reading the title of this thread reminded me of a humourous moment from my childhood. My mom's bff - Evelyn (Chad Collins aunt) was watching a Ticat/Rough Rider game with us. Technology was still in its infancy at the time. When showing a replay in slow motion they had to add the subtitle "slo mo" on the screen so that people didn't think there was something wrong with their TV's. :oops:

The Ottawa rb was having a field day on our defence. Evelyn said that she thought his nickname was "slo mo" saying something like "look at him go. I wouldn't have called him slo mo". We all had a laugh when explaining to her the real meaning of "slo mo".

I have no idea what this threads title means either or the op’s comments for that matter.

I don't think we had Big Mo last year. I thought it was more like small mo.

Yes, we played a couple of exciting games in the eastern playoffs to get through to the Grey Cup game. I was as delighted and thrilled as anyone to see the team get as far as they did. But I was also surprised, and I didn't think we actually would win the big game. Frankly, I didn't think we were really good enough to win it. Saskatchewan showed that to be true. If we weren't good enough last year, then having the same team certainly wouldn't make us good enough this year.

So yes, we needed to make changes. And maybe we needed to take a step back to take a step forward. We don't have a high end veteran at QB, so there may be some learning curve to go through. That's to be expected. I'm glad Kent Austin recognizes where we are and is prepared to do what we need to do to get better for the long term.

As for the labour situation, we'll get through it. One way or another. Sometime. Hopefully soon. Hopefully without a strike.

As for the stadium, it's being built, I don't see the problem. Read Grover's recent comments in the construction cam thread for another take on the stadium.

I hope you get over your blahs about things Ticat soon. Maybe training camp will rekindle your enthusiasm. Anyway, it's just a game, it's for enjoyment.

To the Cup last year and we gonna win the cup this year nuff said GO CATS GO :rockin:

oh and to OP You may be an Argo fan if you dont care now

its not that i dont care ex pat just been a long boring of season n the b.s doesnt stop

A boring offseason? WHAT?? We've made so many moves this offseason I could barely keep up. The stadium talks and updates and the potential strike have kept me on the edge of my seat. This has probably been the least quiet offseason in years. What exactly were you expecting?

I don’t see it
We have IMO got unproved Quarterbacks and that where need experience
Zac has what 6 starts and that makes him a winner please.
He thrown less then 500 passes in this league
our backups have no experience as a Starter.

We should have paid Hank .

Two new starters at OG and OC .
a new linebacking core and IMO a shaky secondary
I think we’ve turned over a grey cup roster a little too much
i see a major step back .
In long run it will be good move but not this season.
it takes time to jell and if we have a strike in camp
I don’t think so
8-10 This year.


I'm a huge Ticat fan, but who is "MO" and who does he play for now? :?

Robo fan isn't that guy from Guelph using the Harper data base to harass voters, is he? He certainly sounds awfully negative for a guy with 6 posts on this site. :thdn:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

who is "MO" ???? Well he's that new team's mascot isn't he???? You know that team with two colors as their name.BIG MO !!!!!!
Yup that's him all right none other than BIG "MO" MUFFERAW :lol:

Maybe, but he or she makes some valid points that you may want to face up to.
The main area of vulnerability on this team is at quarterback without a doubt. Collaros has started seven games in the CFL and has thrown less than 300 passes. He will scramble if the play breaks down and he has somewhat of a linebacker mentality when he runs with the football. He has talent and poise but he hasn't completed one CFL season at the position.
If Collaros goes down, the Ti-Cats have virtually zero meaningful experience at the backup QB position.
In spite of the improvements that have been made elsewhere on this team by Eric Austin in the off season, they remain very vulnerable at QB IMO.
That's the Tillman effect... recent history shows he is willing to live dangerously at the QB position.

If there is one guy who is capable of developing CFL QBs, its Kent Austin. And besides Collaros, the cats have a least 3 other very exciting young QBs that Austin will be grooming. Burris maybe had 2-3 good years left, Collaros became available so Austin decided he had to make a move. When you look at young QBs on other teams, you can see there is a changing of the guard for CFL QBs. I feel had the Ti-cats hung on to Burris too long, we may have missed out on developing our own and it would have taken a while to recover.

I can see some growing pains, but with all the additions (and returnees) on Defence, I think we manage just fine. Would have been great to have Burris around as insurance, but we would have had to moved on in a season or two anyway.

Let these young guys grow together.....and lets not run Collaros out of town like we did Calvillio if he stumbles early.

Oh, so close … I was enjoying your post until you slipped in the Calvillo reference right at the end.

Austin /Tillman are trying to develop quarterbacks. That's a relatively new idea in Tigertown. Hank was great but he wasn't going to play forever. I like where Austin is going and I'm going to be patient with the young guys. This isn't Austin's first rodeo, so you might want to have a little faith . :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

both Hamilton and Winnipeg are developing newer QBs to the CFL. Collaros and Willy were the names everyone talks about and even lefevour in Hamilton. Masoli and McGee are greatprospects in their own right.
In Winnipeg they McManus took Brohmwith him and returning Hall who is also still a great prospect.
All of these guys have pretty terrific resumes formthe NCAA to pro expereinces NFL, UFL, CFL. And although a good resume is no guerentee these guys seem to have the right mind set in place to go with the talent.