Big "Labour" Day Classics

Should be a great doubleheader of CFL. It's too darn bad I'll have to watch from my 15' laptop screen - :x

You're really enjoying starting new threads lately, huh?

Now, the only thing to complain about with that 15' laptop is carrying it around. The screen has to be HUGE!! :smiley:

How? My laptop screen is 21 inches... Ain't that bad. :lol:

21 inches = 21"

15' = 15 feet. That's one big screen.

This thread is a great example of how to misuse quotes. No need to quote the "Labour" in Labour Day.

What, you guys don't make typos? Is this a freakin' English 101 course or a football web forum?

A little bit of column A and a little bit of column B.

Deal with it.

Class dismissed. :cowboy:

Edmonton 32 Calgary 27

Hamilton 23 Toronto 21

Book it!

book it to where??

Edmonton - 17
Calgary - 33

Toronto - 26
Hamilton - 22

Edmonton 17
Calgary 25

Toronto 10
Hamilton 38

Home teams carry the day.

I'm surprised the league is not trying to start a new tradition of Montreal and Ottawa playing each other on Labour Day.

Montreal vs BC was always the "leftover" match-up after the three pairs of natural rivals faced off. Of course there is no natural rivalry between Montreal and BC, but there certainly is with Montreal and Ottawa. Why not make this BC's bye week?

ya want bc to sit two weeks in a row?

Presumably the schedule would not be drawn up that way.


No way. Calgary simply cannot deal with Edmonton's physicality. A 16 point prediction is absolutely laughable. And Toronto was exposed for what they are - A team without it's HOF QB.

Go away poopster. There are lots of American football boards you can visit. Go find one.

Would you not agree the CFL needs all the fans it can get? Why are you chasing this guy away?

How are Americans watching at home and posting on our board helping the CFL in any manner? It doesn't hurt either, but certainly doesn't help it financially. They aren't attending games, and I can bet you that other than player family and friends, no one in the US is really wearing any CFL attire.

Well put the sports apparel in the stores.

How much more do you think TSN/ESPN would pay for the rights if they do start getting better viewership in the US?

Right now it's what 40 million?

ESPN owns 20-30% of TSN, so you can be sure they pay little to nothing for the rights to air games in the US.