Big Joe’s ceremony

Firstly congratulations to Big Joe for a well deserved and overdo honour. Ticat fans love you and your intense play.

I do have a small complaint about the ceremony on Thursday. I have noticed this for years now. The team brings out players from the past and stand them in their street clothes. Can’t the team supply the former players with jerseys with their numbers on them. Most sports team do this.

They usually have a same core of players that come to the games. Make up the jerseys and either keep the jerseys in a closet or give them to the players and ask that they bring them with them when they come for a ceremony.

They could even have the players sign the jerseys and auction them off for charity.

I really find having the players in their street clothes makes the team look cheap.

Just my thought

I love the idea of the old timers signing and auctioning off special jerseys!

I agree about not giving former players jerseys was cheap.

Here’s something else that was cheap.

Before the halftime ceremony, a Ticat rep gave out several large cutout of Montfort head and of him flexing to random fans in section 115. (I guess as a visual back dropback for TV) I was one of the one to get a flexing Joe.

At the end of the ceremony, the rep came back wanting the cutouts returned. I could not believe how cheap this seemed. Fans were complaining about it as we returned them. (The signs were kind of large to hide and seek out of the stadium with)

Seconds later the rep came back and started to give them back. Great, but not everyone who had them to begin with got theirs back, myself included, he just handed them out to whoever was close to him.

I hope the Ticat office read these posts and have some reply for those of us who were robbed of a nice keepsake.

Things seem to be scaling back in Ticats land, like the cheerleaders being no more. I hope their not in financial difficulties or throwing all the money into the new soccer team.

This is an incredible idea. You should email the marketing department with this.

Sounds like a miscommunication to me. I can see a staffer being told one thing, and a different decision being made without telling him. At least, I HOPE that's what happened.

It was a great ceremony and wonderful to see Joe out there with his son - that young man will remember it for the rest of his life.

The ceremony was great, but I’ve also got a small little complaint. When half time events like this are happening, they should play the audio in the concourses. Would be nice to hear the ceremony while going to grab food/drinks or use the bathroom.