Big Harrell Fan- here is the REAL DEAL ON HIM-

Graham Harrell unlike most other american counterparts is likely more familiar with a CFL offense because he played at TEXAS TECH where they ran basically a run and shoot offense with 4 to 5 receivers in plays.

Harell has a quick release for the short intermediate passes and understands where the HOT read is and who to throw it to.
He excelled in that system as his receivers were fast and college Defenses could not cover all his receivers.

He has decent feet, but is not fast but can scramble and throw on the run.

Harrell went to the NFL for the combines and during SENIOR WEEK his arm strength was very WEAK and dissapoointing. He had trouble throwing a slant from 10 yards out of the endzone, he would one hop the ball there and could not zip that pass in there.

It was then where MIKE MAYLOCK knew that Harrelll does not possess NFL arm strength- He is more of a DINK and DUNKER type of QB- This worked in Texas TECH because all passes were about 10 yards and the receivers ran after the catch. He also threw a lot of 3 to 4 yard passes to speedster receivers.

Harrel is tall but is not the stand up tall and throw it downfield type of QB- That is why NO NFL team wanted him despite putting up better numbers than all other college QB's.

One thing is that Harrell is used to throwing vs more db's and with 5 to 6 receivers. So he may be able to understand coverage better. What is unknown is how will he handle the pass rushes in the CFL and the faster game. Does he have the arm strength to stand in the pocket and gun the ball in there.

The offense that will work with Harrell will be lots of receivers running crossing patterns short, short hooks, not too many deep patterns, he cant throw that far.

Overall Graham Harrell is not a great traditional pocket QB- I do question his arm strength but I suppose he could work on that-
Harrel is very accurate, he throws perfect passes right to the spot. He can really throw well vs a zone--

IMO- You are going to get with Harrell one of 2 things---

A complete BUST who has limited mobility and weak arm and cant throw much -- LIKE LEFORS in Winnipeg---

Or a Junior RICKY RAY- a guy that can make the reads and get the ball of quick and throw it to the open guy fast. He is Junior Ricky RAY because of his inability to throw the nice deep Ricky Ray Balls--

I hope he turns into a Junior Ricky Ray for Saskathewan.

are you saying that he can't throw further than 10 yards???

By your description, I don’t think I really want to see GH starting a game for us! We need a guy who’s got some of those skills, plus the ability to make the play with his legs and enough armstrength with accuracy to stretch the field.

Harrell is not the prototypical passer, at Texas Tech they played in the BIG 12 Conference and spread teams out with 5 receivers. So the plays were so easy,quick screens, quick hooks, lots of 8 yard hooks with super fast receivers---

Most defenses got tired and could not rush and get to him. WHen Hareell played Oklahoma he was sacked as he didnt have the arm to beat them. Vs Mississipin in the bowl game, they pressured him and he does not have the cannon arm.

I would say Harrel's arm is not as good as Durant's arm and is on the weaker Side of arms.

However he does have a quick release and can make good reads. His arm might be something like you would see from a QB like Ryan Dinwiddie or a little less than Cody Pickett.

He also was throwing to MIKE CRABTREE who was one of the first receivers taking in the NFL draft, so a lot of the time he threw short passes--

Harrell should be more advanced than most Qb's in understanding the CFL game, he is from a WIDE open passing game, so he should be good at hitting the short passes and moving the chains-
It will be his deep arm that suffers in this league.

The offense that Ken MILLER employs with Deep Corners by slotbacks over and over wont do well with Harrell. They need to make it very fast and quick throws and quick reads-- IN other words like AC CALVILLO and they way they run their offense.
Use clermont and Fantuz for the inside hooks, use Dressler on the crossing patterns, use BAgg on short in routes..

This is the only way, if they run waht they are now, I dont thikn harrell has the arm strength to reach those deep corners.

As I said the best case scenario is that HARRELL is so smart and quick with reads and release that he can master the short game, adn then suck defenses in and then go deep vs the Defense when they are all creeping in.

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As I thought Harrell is not very fast, although he has decent feet in the pocket. They are saying he has a strong arm, but that may be NFL strong, where their field is so small that its tougher to judge arm strength.

Harrell really had a lack luster senior bowl which really showed his lack of arm strength. So i think many teams saw him as a highly productive system quarterback in college who wouldnt have the skill set to produce on a high level in the NFL.

This question is getting beat to death. The short answer, he has a noodle for an arm, and in the NFL, you need a strong arm to throw against the team speed of the defenses.

The reason why he wasnt drafted is due to the constant change in college football...With almost every team it seems like going to an option run or spread formation the college game just doesnt translate to the NFL as it used to...I think Texas Tech shouldnt be discredited on account of their strength of schedule...i think anyone that has to play oklahoma and Texas in the same season should be commended lol...but Harrell never took any snaps under center really and they would just throw 4 or 5 recievers on the field every time...Now he is great at going through his progression and he has pin point accuracy, but I'd say his arm is so so...the thing is though you can always change your arm can boost up the weights you know...but leadership in the huddle accuracy and progression is all intangibles that an NFL QB must have...and Harrell has it...I think he should go to the vikes since they have no real contender at QB...It'd be a good fit I think

His performance in the either of the Bowls didn't help his numbers, and he didn't do well in in the combine. Success in college doesn't always equal success in the NFL, and neither does being nominated for the Heisman (Jason White, Eric Crouch, Danny Wuerffel...). Most teams are set with their QBs, or are holding out until next years draft and don't want to risk spending millions on a probable bust.

My opinion is that the SASK qb's dont make quick enough decisions and have to be able to throw the short game. Durant has eyes for the deep corners, its natural for a young QB who is inexperienced to THROW the ball deep. I think Durant lacks the experience and confidence to read the middle of the field where there is traffic and throw the ball in tight spaces.

Hence when he rolls out he has a good chance of completing a pass, when he is in the pocket not so much. Durant needs to learn to hit the inside short game, also when he moves the ball most of the passes he is rolling out and completing it deep to corners or wide out passes.

Durant will be good if he can learn to throw the short game, he is basically a deep ball thrower, he doesent react very well and have any anticipation either. He doesent throw to SPOTS very well and throw before receivers CUTS.

They have to simplify the game and run more motion and more short passes and more floods to get Durant a feel for the short game.

There is a reason SASK goes 2 and out record number of times in 2nd halves of games, its because they have NO SHORT game and their offense is all DEEP corners pretty much and big passes--

Vs- Bc they hit a few long ones to BAGG
Vs CGY- they hit deep pass to Getlaf late-

They have to call the game to suit Durants talents which is HIM ROLLING on every throw I think, misdirection, more screens, and an inside game to fantuz and clermont to start moving the chains on long drives.

Thanks for the very detailed insight on Harrell, it's refreshing to read something here that is, albeit opinion, very forensic in your observations. It appears you know Harrell and his game quite well, well beyond what Google will tell me.

Which leads me into my next statement/question, for a guy with only six posts, 5 of those six very of the same forensic nature.

Just curious on what your background is, and by chance, do we know you in the real world? :wink:

The reason why I am asking is that you sound familiar with your use of vocabulary.......

I am a very big fan of the CFL, I have followed it for over 25 years. I also watch college football religously, so any players that come to Canada I am usually aware of them, and have watched them play many games in College football. I watched Harrell play many games last year and am very critical of QB play.

I started out by going to the Ottawa Rough Riders game back when we had a team in the early 80's. Now I still watch the league.

Watching college football in the fall gives me the knowledge that I need to figure out who is good in the league.

I do wager on CFL games and do Very well on them, because of my broad knowledge of the league and do very well in that.

I watch every single game and can usually pick when watching games where the QB will throw it or what plays are called.

CFL is all about Scheming and calling a good GAME PLAN for your QB--- BC and SASK are 2 teams that dont gameplan for the strengths of their QB's---

Look at Montreal, they are good because their offensive gameplan suits the attributes of A CALIVLLO.

I believe my knowledge is good and can help teams not that they would listen lol to a guy from a forum, but I know the league, and I like to think i know about TALENT and who would be a good fit in the CFL game.

I am good at analyzing football games and teams, and that is why I also do well with handicapping games.

The biggest thing I notice about SASK is this--

I would assume with guys like Dressler and Baggs that they can get separation very quickly---

When I see Durant play, how many Quick outs does he throw to Dressler or to the short side wideout?

Henry Burris, AC- Ricky Ray all throw those quick outs to the short side wideout or to their faster receivers---

I rarely see Durant throwing those fast OUTS-- Instead both JYLES and DURANT seem to be seeing the field 20 yards and further.

Sask out of all teams is one with SIZE in the receiving core, which is perfect for QUICK passes to FANTUZ and CLermont...

This receiving core has SPEED- HANDS- SIZE- MOVES- POSSESSION--

They have to stop going deep and stop throwing 20 corners a game, even the throw to Clermont should have been inpercepted by Hamilton. Vs BC Baggs ran a great stop and go but that only works from time to time.

Durant right now has to speed up his decision making short and they must teach him to get rid of the ball quicker and hit those quick and fast hooks and out routes-- Even a quick in or wide receiver screen to BAGGS is a good play--

This is a complete BS description of Graham Harrell. He is a great pocket passer, quick release, and poised in the pocket...does not really scramble that good. Has great Arm strength...can throw strong accurate passes 40+ yards down the field. He threw a ton of passes over 10 yards at Tech.

Where are you gettting your info from? I saw him play every single down at Texas Tech, and he can easily throw hard slants and 15-20 yard outs...accurate, strong and on the money!

Rider Fans...don't listen to this moron!!

see these clips instead:

just to see a few....

His Arm strength is strong? Is that why he has not been picked up by an NFL team? There are 32 NFL teams x 3 qb's each teams, some teams carry 4 qb'q, is he not one of the top 100 hundred qb's in the States--

Harrel has no arm, he could not throw a slant from the 15 yard line in the NFL combines, of course any QB can throw a ball 40 yards if given time.

Mobile? Did you read that 5.0 second time in the 40 yard dash? Does that sound mobile?

Harrell is accurate but does not have any semblence of a strong arm, I dont know what games you were watching.

If he had any arm at all he would be on a NFL team. There is a reason he is Green nation in canada and not in Green Bay.

Relax Stufrog. People are allowed to have differing opinions. Name calling is not neccesary.

This is an accurate description of Graham harrell taken from a Fan site and posted- I agree with this 100%--- Ignore the haters and folow the FACTS- I post the truth about Harrell.

they throw bubble screens and intermediate routes only. hes only 6'. they play exclusively from the shotgun. now in the nfl you can win running every play from he shotgun. you cant win throwing short intermediate routes all day. youre not going to be able to stand back there unfettered and throw crossing routes. youre going to get pressured. youre going to have to stand in there with casey hampton and james harrison breathing down your neck every play and deliver accurate strikes with zip against dbs who all run sub 4.5 40s under siad duress. if he ev er gets a chance to step on an nfl field hes going to get creamed. hes going to get hurt, hes going to get picked, hes going toput the ball on the ground.hes going to get balls batted, tipped. you cant win throwing the type patterns he throws al day at the nfl level. he has 0 nfl qb traits. so unless hes the guy changing the nature of the qb position at the nfl level, not really much of a shot. i dont see many teams looking to pick up small weak armed qbs. he may be the greatest qb mind in history.may have great leadership and be destined for canonization. it makes no difference. he doesnt have the gifts.

Harrell just needs to work on his arm strenght or be involved in an offense that is very quick strike and fast paced. It would not hurt if the O line could give him a perfect pocket to throw from. That would make a difference if he has all day to throw.

The above article summed it up perfectly, he has the BRAIN, but is lacking that Michael Bishop ARM. The fact remains if your arm is not strong enough to play in the NFL can it be strong enough to play in the CFL? Being that he is immobile I am not sure his arm will be enough.
These days in the CFL you have to be mobile , even AC is mobile he is actually quite fast.

I hope Harrell works on that arm of his and hits the weights and develops a stronger arm, he is young and with proper training he can improve on that arm.

The reason he is not in the NFL is because the NFL has a bias against Texas Tech QB’s, because none of them have made it big in the NFL yet. They say he is a “system” quarterback…that is why he is not in the NFL. He is better than 70% of the jokers who got drafted.

The NFL said that Warren Moon wasn’t good enough because he was black. And they said Doug Flutie was too short. Now they say Graham Harrell is part of a system.

What games did I see? EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! And he threw every kind of pass imagineable. Whether he had time or not!

So, you’ve seen a highlight or two…this does not qualify for an accurate opinion.

sorry for calling you names.

Dude, that is just an opinion. There's a lot of Texas Tech haters out there...and this is just another example. What the hell do you think Tom Brady and the Patriots run? Exactly!! Also a reason why Wes Welker was not drafted out of Texas Tech...because they said he was the product of a system...etc...Now look at Welker..breaking NFL records with the Pats.

You know what dude..this is just more fuel to motivate Graham to come out slinging!

good old political NFL..

if you don't fit the perfect NFL specimen you aren't NFL material!

they're more concerned with who can jump highest, run fastest, do the most bench presses, shuffle the quickest etc..

but yet, if you have a great arm and a great mind.. but you aren't 6'4"... you aren't NFL material!

Prototypical is what makes it all stupid.

I wish that Football organizations would be more concerned about pure talent and ability rather than, how high you can jump, how fast you can run, how quickly you can shuffle..

I remember Joe Paopao coming into the league. He got passed over in the NFL because he had "no arm strength" and then proceeded to make a living in the CFL throwing wide-outs on a rope and using his brain. Based on the NFL's evaluation skills when it comes to QB's, I wouldn't pay much attention. It is more often how the player fits the system and if the right chance comes along for the right guy. From what I have seen, the NFL scouts generally do a HORRIBLE job assessing QB talent.

Bust Examples (when they were drafted)
Ryan Leaf (1)
Akili Smith (3)
Heath Shuler (3)
Andre Ware (7)

Steal Examples (when they were drafted)
Brett Favre (33)
Tom Brady (199)
Mark Bulger (168)

And those are just a few examples.

I watch a lot of football too, not as scientifically as Cobra, but have always been impressed with Harrell. It's totally true that a number of great college quarterbacks essentially get blackballed by the NFL for their size, their this or their that. (Another great Big 12 quarterback, Chase Daniel from Missouri who played in a not identical but pretty similar system to TTU, also didn't get drafted; my favorite team the Redskins picked him up as a free agent and I think he's still in their camp.) I think it's a very interesting acquisition by Rider management and they've done a great job in reducing/eliminating the hype and bringing him along as a prospect only. We'll see what happens.

BTW, if someone would be willing to give me a little education, over time how many Canadian quarterbacks have there been and who among them has had the most success? I am just curious as I have read the import/non-import rules and obviously the QB position is exempt from that. Many thanks. GO RIDERS!!!