Big Grey Cup Announcment - Tuesday Morning !! from CFL !!

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CFL Official Feed?@CFL

The Grey Cup will be coming to you sooner than you think....Stay tuned for a BIG announcement Tuesday morning. #CFL #100GC!/CFL

Since I dont see them moving up the date of the Grey Cup game, I take it that they may have the Cup at some games this year?

If so, I dont see how that is 'Big' news...

Hopefully it is something exciting, though I don't see how.

We all know the Grey Cup is Sold Out, so not sure ! All i know is the Hype is starting already and its only June. This is Great for the CFL. :rockin:

It most likely the GREY CUP cross country tour.

Ya, You might be right !! Cool !

The CFL is doing this right :thup:

I agree 100%

  1. The cross country movie theater 100th G.C. pop corn bucket. Plus another Nestle candy G.C. , contest. :thup:

  2. The CFL team stamps , mini team stamp mail boxes & the CFL team post cards [maybe a coin?] :thup:

  3. A cross Canada G.C. trophy tour. :thup:

  4. Excellent commercials , game coverage and documentaries from TSN :thup:

Who knows what is next?

You would have to live under a rock not to know that the 100th G.C. is this year and in Toronto. :thup:

An announcement that the CFL has landed a huge contract with a major U.S. network would be outstanding! (But I'm not getting my hopes up for that).

And a cross-country Grey Cup tour is LONG OVERDUE. Yay!

And TSN says that the 100th GREY CUP in Toronto is now completely SOLD OUT. :thup: :rockin:

THANK YOU to ALL of the CFL fans in CANADA and the U.S. who bought G.C. tickets. :thup:

And some said it couldn't be done in , Toronto. :cowboy:

They've been talking about remodeling the Mug. Perhaps it has a new look?

It could be that too.

MY GOD , this is going to be great. :thup: :thup: :thup:

A special [painted with CFL logos , ect] CFL / 100th G.C. train is going to visit 100 cities in Canada. :rockin:

It will have many features. One of them will be several museum cars that people can visit. :cowboy:

This year has been, by far and away, the best year for marketing I can remember in the CFL!

Like mentioned above, it would be impossible not to know how big of a deal this is!

I know that there will be many from accross the country who will make their way to T.O. for the GC this year, but I have to think that the majority of tickets went to people in the Southern Ontario market, for that I think they should be proud for what they have done!

If Im not mistaken, the GC festival lasts 10 days this year too, doesnt it? They always say that Toronto only wants to support "big league" events, well, they will have one this year when Grey Cup week starts!

I am also hopeful for a competative season. THere were a few exciting pre-season games this year (last minute field goals, TD drives etc...), so if that carries into the regular season, and the playoffs - this really could be the best season EVER!

Hard not to have CFL fever now! Cant wait to kick-off this weekend!

A lot of new fans are going to be exposed to the CFL this year. That bodes well for the future.

Things are really looking up! New stadiums, a new team soon (ish), a commissioner that knows how to market the league, a new TV contract coming. I think we're experiencing the Glory Years of the CFL right now :slight_smile:

do you have a source for this? I haven't seen anything. I just want to know where my nearest city stop is going to be.

[url=] ... -sells-out[/url]

Going, Going Gone: 100th Grey Cup officially sells out Staff

TORONTO – The 100th Grey Cup Festival Committee is excited to announce that tickets to the 100th Grey Cup Championship game are officially sold out following a 100-hour lottery for the remaining 1,000 pairs of seats. As announced tonight on TSN’s CFL Season Preview show, the demand for the most iconic sporting event of the century has been unparalleled. Tickets to the 100th Grey Cup have sold out five months to-the-date before the big game takes place! Canadians from coast to coast will converge on Toronto to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime cultural and sporting event.

“We are convinced that all of Canada will join us in Toronto to celebrate the 100th Grey Cup Championship game,? said Chris Rudge, Executive Chairman and CEO of the Toronto Argonauts Football Club and Chairman and CEO of the 100th Grey Cup Festival. “Ticket sales have surpassed expectations by selling out this early, confirming that our nation is accepting the invitation to be a part of history. The 100th Grey Cup Festival in Toronto will be the place to be this November.?

“The speed with which the 100th Grey Cup game has sold out is a testament to the passion of our fans, the importance of this milestone event to our country, and the organization of the 100th Grey Cup Festival Committee,? said Mark Cohon, Commissioner of the Canadian Football League. “We wish there was room for everyone who wanted a ticket, but while we can’t accommodate everyone at the game itself, we do encourage all Canadians to join in the celebration this year, by attending the 100th Grey Cup Festival in Toronto this November, enjoying the events we have planned across the country this Fall, and supporting your favourite team.?

“It was important as Hosts of the 100th Grey Cup Championship game and Festival for the Toronto Argonauts Football Club to open this amazing opportunity up to as many fans from across the country, knowing how passionate they are about the CFL and their desire to be part of the legacy that is the 100th Grey Cup. To accomplish that, we knew a lottery was the fairest way to distribute the remaining tickets and are thrilled by the fan response to this system.? said Daniel Steinfeld, Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service, Toronto Argonauts Football Club.

Don’t forget there is much, much more to take part in beyond the Grey Cup Game itself. An ‘Invitation to Our Nation’ has been extended for everyone to come to Toronto for 100th Grey Cup Festival, longer in length and larger in scope than any past Grey Cup festivals. With something for absolutely everyone, November 15 – 25, 2012 will be a time in Toronto where there will be no escaping the incredible energy surrounding this centennial celebration of such a treasured national icon.

Thanks , tc23 :thup: