Big game this weekend!

With the divisional matchup of Calgary and BC looming this weekend, this is a big time opportunity for the Riders against the Als!

We currently sit 3 points back of the Lions, and 1 point up on the Stamps...

BC - 17 PTS
SSK - 14 PTS
CGY - 13 PTS

What im getting at is as long as we win, we either gain ground or put more separation between us, it's a must win game.

The team needs to really come out to play against the Als, as we head into Calgary next week for another very important game!

Well don't say I didn't try to deflect attention away from all the negative nancies around here for just a minute...

I agree that this is a key game for us. I truly hope that the coaching staff and team can ride themselves of these demons that have haunted them the last few weeks and play like they did in the first half of the season.

I also hope the fans are as into the game as they were last weekend. Even though we lost in the last minute of the game, the intensity in the stamds was tremendous and I hope we continue to back our team.

Im gonna be there and Ill tell you what I will show as much as intensity as I can to show our Green and White that were still here and we back em but yes this is a very Important game consider we lost last week we need a win here.

My voice is bad 3 days later. Can't believe we lost after playing good. 1 play from 1st place. Will be back screaming Saturday again. I hope Austin plays Vincent Marshall. I went to practice last week. Marshall was the fastest player on offense or defense. Looks like a faster Charles Roberts but playing receiver.

Is the game sold out? Can't make it from here in Winnipeg, but another sellout would be great.

After a three game losing streak the band wagon jumpers won't bother buying a ticket so there is probably a few more seats left than normal. I will go. I have never jumped off the Wagon

No matter the outcome of the game between BC and Calgary the Riders benefit. But the riders need to right the ship a little more this weekend. I am hoping they can do it.

Wipe that depressing look off your face mike.

The guys have to play within themselves, doing the job they are asked to do, no more, no less. Some of the guys were trying to do too much, and that's when mistakes happen!

Montreal is reeling too, so if we can get a good jump on them, we may be able to keep them down!

Anything can happen, as we have already seen, but there is no reason why Sask should lose. I'd be there but my Lear jet is in the shop ... guess I'll have to put up with Walby et al. Eastern Qu├ębec is a bit far for the Chevy. I need the win to hold onto bragging rights with the inlaws out here!!

Looks like the game sold I guess all the bandwagon jumpers are sticking around just goes to show riders never die hahaha

Hello Saskatchewan from Winnipeg,

Good luck on your game this weekend. I would like nothing better than to seen Winnipeg and Saskatchewan in the Grey Cup. Since Sask plays in the west and Wpg in the east, neither team is a threat to each other. So until the Grey Cup , Go Saskatchewan, Go Winnipeg. Then it is Go Winnipeg. Have fun and enjoy the game.

I saw that you got a bit mixed up near the end so I fixed it up for you! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

(Joke!!) It would be wonderful if, as you say, we both make it to the GC. It has to happen soon or our window of opportunity will close if Ottawa gets their team back.

Ha Ha. Thanks for the reply legalbeagle. There is no reason why a Sask/Wpg GC can't happen this year and Ottawa return next year. If Saskatchewan win the west and Bombers win the east, we will have a Sask/Wpg Grey Cup. Again. Good Luck with the Al's, Until the GC it's go Wpg, go Sask.