Big game this week

If we beat the Als, we tie for 1st in the East, if we lose there is a good chance we could end up tied for 3rd.

What do you think needs to be done to win this game?

The key to beating Montreal is getting pressure on Calvillo, if he has time to pass all game it will be tough to beat them. If we can make him nervous in the pocket i think we have a good chance of winning this game. Another great performance by Chris Williams on special teams would really help as well.

  1. Pressure Calvillo
  2. Limit Whitaker
  3. None of these long dry spells that we seem to go through on offense

Does anyone know the status of Bourke and/or Bowman? Bourke got injured last week and Bowman missed the first three games.

Also, there's no better time to dress Cobourne than against his former team.

No, the secret is the Offensive Line. It's been glaringly obvious, if they don't block and give Burris time to throw he can't hit the receivers and he's going to be thrown for more losses, if they don't block there are no holes for Walker to run through.
That's been our problem through the first three games.

Bowman will be a game-time decision. Bourke is questionable at the moment, but it's only Wednesday. We may also be without Jerald Brown (pectoral injury), but we should have Dwight Anderson back.

That’s been our problem for the last three years, at least on the run side. We never could open up holes big enough for the RBs to squeeze through. Pass protection didn’t seem to be much of a problem until this year. How much of that was down to Cobourne, and Cobb before that? That said, I thought Walker’s pass blocking was better last week, so maybe he has picked up some pointers from Cobourne after all.

I would like to see Cobourne dressed at least this week, coming in for second and third downs, if possible.

Pressure on Calvillo and Keeping the pressure off of Burris will be key, as previously stated.

Every other time we've had a chance to move into first place this early in the season in the previous few seasons, we've completely choked, so I expect the exact same for this game..... :thup:

Als by 20+ pts.

I agree that pressuring Calvillo is key, Greg Peach may be in the line-up so that could help matters but I believe even more important is execution. That last game I found that a lot of the plays called were there but didn't work because of lack of execution. Whether it be a missed block by a lineman or a receiver, a dropped pass, a bad pass or just miscommunication, the execution of the plays must be at a higher level and that mostly boils down to mental prepardness and discipline.
The Tiger-Cats must have a greater mental focus and desire to win than does Montreal. They must also be disciplined into not taking stupid penalites which again comes down to mental focus.
This is the job of the head coach, to make sure his players build a desire to win all week through practice culminating at their peak level at game time.
When the Cats can do this consistently they will win consistently.

In both the Calgary games, Campbell loaded up the box to take away the run and dared the Als to beat them over top with big plays. We couldn't do it at all in the first game, and though we did manage big plays in the return match, we paid a heavy price at the line -- Calvillo was sacked four times and our O-line had many protection issues. I'll be interested to see whether Creehan goes the same route this Saturday. If I'm Creehan, I roll the dice and stack the box, make Whitaker a non-factor and force Calvillo into low-percentage deep balls. The long ball is no longer his forte. If you sit back and think you can contain the underneath stuff, you'll be picked apart.

If Creehan is stuck for ideas or inspiration, he could always pull out last year Labour day game.

Should be a good one this Saturday.

Calvillo always find his groove at IWS (except when he was our QB!) Its a big game all right.

Weeelllll, this week's TiCat game just got a little bigger, didn't it?

Move the pocket by using Burris' feet
A set of plays with Avon and Walker both in the backfield
More passes to other recievers a 6 - 8 yds over center
Better pass rush
ST playing like last week, but punts more to the sidelines
Porter as short yd QB
Noise from fans. I used to come home hoarse, so I'm part of the problem