Big Game for our Cats...Friday night

I don't think Edmonton has a great defense (my subjective opinion). If Jesse does what he usually does and the passing game is decent (250 yds), then we can win this game. Ball Control - Edmonton is a big play offense, but if we can keep them on the bench, it is in our favour.

While I shall be of course rooting for the Esks to win, I will, if the temperature outside doesn't make things too hot and stuffy inside, wear this newly acquired shirt during Friday Night's game in solidarity with the great Hamiltan fans:

Good luck to both teams, I say its a big game for both. For the Ticats to get some rhythm and finally break open the big passing game. And for the Esks, to prove they can bounce back from a tough loss and win on the road this year. Its almost more important for the Esks, considering the way the rest of the West is playing and racking up the wins early. We can lose our way to the basement or simply be outwon on the way there this season... :frowning:

Three things major our defence has to do to win against Edmonton. Get to Ricky Ray fast, stop AJ Harris and stop the recivers from being so wide open. So far we have been unsuccessful doing this with other teams so something needs to change this week. Our offence has been unable to put enough points on the board to offset our porous defence.
Why is it taking Creehan/Charlie so long to correct this?

First time poster offering the following for your consideration:

IMO, this is an extremely important game for the Ticats considering the circumstances:

Edmonton is coming off a short week, away from home, after a demoralizing loss and now, without (arguably) their best player on defense. In addition, the Eskimos have been ineffective at stopping the run in previous games this year.

The Ticats are well rested, relatively healthy, playing in the friendly confines of IWS and have their most productive offensive player back in the lineup, ready to take advantage of Edmonton's "soft" run defense.

There can be NO EXCUSES as to why Ticats cannot show significant improvement in this game - NONE!
That does not mean the Ticats have to win necessarily, but they must show improvement and progress and reverse the impression that the team has actually regressed in some areas.

If the Ticats produce another "stinker" or get blown out by the Eskimos, I cannot see how management, from Mitchell on down, can continue with the status quo. Too much has been invested in new players, a new GM, new coaches, etc. and the minimum that management should expect is solid evidence that this team is at least MAKING PROGRESS after five games.
The disappointing attendence at IWS just adds to the sense of urgency.