big-footed referees

of course I am not going to suddenly stop watching north-of-the-border
football, but I have started giving it some thought to make life my longer
and less stressed.
okay, the Lions made some mistakes last night in Edmonton, but after 40-odd years of
watching this sometimes lovingly bumbling league, the intrusion of the
big-footed referees and what it does to my nerves is causing me some
exhibit one - the over-ruled completion to Thelwell (I believe) where the
on-the-spot referee clearly indicated a catch, only to be over-ruled by some
guy farther away from the play after the Esks complained; I notice that TSN
did not show a replay.
exibit two - Gass's two-step late-hit on Printers. Obvious. Deliberate. Not
exhibit three - the big one - roughing the passer on Carl Kidd. This one
totally was the play of the game. The Lions defense had not looked better
for weeks, Kidd came down the seam on the blitz, tipped the ball with his
arms up, caught Ray's shoulder on the follow-through - caused an
interception - and then came the flag.
Edmonton scored on the drive - aided by more penalties, and it took most of
the game for the Leos D to find their feet again. A later play shows Kidd
again having a shot at Ray - and actually backing off.
There was also a scramble where Ray ran an additional 10 yards instead of
taking a hook slide, when nervous Lions tacklers backed off.
You know - fans just don't need this. If I see many more displays like that, it
may be time to just stick to movies which don't rekindle my
fan-who-cares blood pressure.
Sure, Printers continually looking for 25-30 yard completions didn't help
either. When he finally went to the short stuff in the fourth the Lions ran
up 10-straight points and set up the nail-biting finale.
To be fair - I know fans of other teams may have similar complaints; refereeing has been less of an issue in earlier games but here it is again when the biggest stakes are on the line.
Happy? No way. Watching games like that really make you pull your hair.
(Either make the head-contact calls discretionary and bring in some replay
review rules or I may be out of here.)

I hear ya buddy!!!

I'm beginning to follow the league and the Leos again after years of exile for the NFL. This league is a JOKE because of its refereeing affecting the outcome of the game. Mind you this won't stop me following the league, at least for another few years, but it is so so frustrating watching the zebras wanting to be part of the game.

More exhibits from Montreal/Ottawa game.

  1. the chop block on Joseph. The o-lineman was clearly in front of the defender and that went for 15 YARDS. Even the commentators couldn't contain themselves and had to agree that is was a bad call !!!!

  2. No - yards call on Ottawa. This was NOT even close. They were all at least 7 yards off the ball when the returner caught it. I think the ref that made the call was something like 30 yards down field. The replay clearly showed this too. And it went for, not the 5 but 15 YARDS again!

  3. This is the worst. Stala caught the ball at Ottawa's 2 yard line, turned around and started heading for the endzone. Got hit by an Ottawa DB, and fumble. Ball recovered by Ottawa, but wait the zebras huddle and call the play imcomplete pass. Now the original ruling was fumble since there was no whistle, so what new evidence was there to over-rule. Furthermore the replay showed Stala had 2 steps after the catch. Mtl came away with 3 points, but more importantly stopped Ottawa's great defensive stop.

I don't care, bring in minimal instant replay, delay the game for hours if you have to BUT MAKE THE RIGHT CALLS 99% OF THE TIME PLEASE !


Thanks for your empathy.
I've taken a deep breath, and figured it all comes down to needing a replay review mechanism. It is a tough game to officiate and we might not have the zebra talent pool they do in the States, so that makes it more important that we have video review for important games and important calls.
I think I am getting to the point that I will only get a full season ticket when the League finally takes these steps forward.
Are you listening, Mr Commissioner?

The Carl Kidd roughing the passer call was correct. In a picture in the Edmonton Sun today, they showed that very play and Carl Kidd's Hands are clearly and obviously on Ricky Ray's helmet.

Actually on the replay there was an easy 10 yards to the nearest Ottowa player. No yards my

That no yards was bull****! When the commentators are picking apart the officiating in a professional sports league, you know the reffing is bad.

As a BC Lions fan I have to suck it up and move on. I was very surprised though when they didn't show a replay of Thelwell's catch. They show replays of all close calls...why not this controversial one. And yes the call on Carl Kidd was bogus. The refs were definitely involved.

Well I guess refree abuse is not just the Rider Fans! Grow up and take your lumps!

redwhite 2005 wrote:
"grow up and take your lumps"

Actually, now that I am grown up, I feel less tolerant towards taking these lumps. That's why, as a "professional" league involved in a fast-paced and very violent sport, we really do need the review mechanism being advocated here.
You will notice there are more posting about refs lately - just as we head into the stretch playoff run. Not a good thing. Not a way to sell tickets. What is does say is that "this is a problem that needs to be addressed".
A video review mechanism (and more realistic rules about roughing?) would help - and keep the focus on the players, not the zebras.

  • Vlad48
    (I've been enduring this crap sign the Fleming-Kapp days - enough!)

I love it when you guys say the replay show this and that.

They dont have the luxury of the replay ya know

Carl Kidd should have just blown Ray a kiss.

Probably would have been called for "kissing the passer", 15 yard penalty.

The Lions took too many penalties at the wrong time and that is all there is to say about that. There were bad calls on both sides of the ball. I thought both teams played well defensively. The game was close so that tells you that both teams are pretty much evenly matched. Enough about the reffing even though I think the Gades got screwed by the refs today.

Hey vlad48,

  I understand your frustration, but as an American living in suburban Philadelphia, the officials in the NFL aren't any better than the CFL officials.  We have instant replay and unless there is "irrefuteable evidence", we hear from the field that the play stands as called on the field.  There are too many huddles by the officials on the field to discuss what the proper "guess", I mean call should be.  You sit there and wonder just what game are these officials watching, because it can't be the same one that I'm watching.  It also has nothing to do with just hurting your team, because it seems like the NFL officials are equally as bad for both sides.  I've complained because the NFL officials are not full-time officials, like the major league umpires, NBA officials and NHL officials are.  Even though officials are never perfect, the professional, full-time officials seem to make the right call on almost all of the close controversial plays, something you don't see as often in the NFL and CFL.  I'm sure NFL officials get paid more than CFL officials, but that doesn't make them any better either.  The only solution to this problem that I see is going to full-time officials, and that will cost much more money, something both leagues don't seem to want to do.

Maybe football is just that much more difficult to officiate. Larger playing surface to cover and more players on it. As well, player movement in all directions as opposed to mostly up and down the ice in hockey or court in the case of basketball. In baseball they only have to give the Umpires free bennies to stay awake.

The reffing was perfect this week and the Riders had a bye, what a coincidence...

I do get your point. :wink: