Big Deal??

So what does everyone think of this Collier think he is as good as they say?? Or did he just have one good game?? I guess we will see tonight if he is the real deal or just got lucky last week! I hear they are going to get rid of either him or Hodges....since they can only keep one American. So the fight is on!

Collier has good CFL experiance he played a season for the Renegades and play quite well. I'd like to see him and Mckay start every game for us a DE

He played for Hamilton last year.. did you not notice him being there or something?

Not being noticed can be a good thing or a bad thing.

If you're a defensive end and you're not noticed, that is not means you are not making tackles, not sacking the QB, not getting pressure.

If, on the other hand, you are a DB and you aren't noticed, that's a very good thing because it means they aren't throwing against you.

Me too.

I think with both of these guys starting, our pass rush will be great tonight.

i dont think collier should be the defensive end anyways...i think it should be Jermaine Reid and Loescher...with wayne and Bekasiak as the Defensive tackles.

I think they should give the rookie a chance. Younger and a good history! We will see what tonight brings!