Big Dave's Power Rankings, Week 10

Here are my power rankings, with Week 8's rankings in parentheses, based on my formula.

  1. Winnipeg (2): Probably belonged here before, but now the math has borne it out.
  2. Calgary (3): Beating the Alouettes bumps them up.
  3. Edmonton (1): Three straight losses has finally begun to drop them.
  4. Hamilton (4): Continue playing elite teams down to the wire.
  5. Montreal (5): Their only win against a good team was vs Edmonton during their free-fall.
    T-6. B.C. (T-6): Got their second win against a battered Eskimo team.
    T-6. Toronto (T-6): Squeaked out a win vs Saskatchewan after six straight losses.
  6. Saskatchewan (8): No explanation necessary.

not so sure that ham shouldnt be ahead of edmonton, but otherwise, works for me.

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Calgary
  3. Montreal
  4. Edmonton
  5. Hamilton
  6. Toronto
  7. Lions
  8. Saskatchewan

actually, the more I think about it, 3-5 for me would be


with edmonton in real danger of dropping lower.

Might be the only thing I've ever agreed with you on. Exactly how I see it.

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Calgary
  3. Montreal
  4. Hamilton
  5. Edmonton
  6. BC
  7. Toronto
  8. Saskatchewan

1.WINNIPEG. 7-1 IS 7-1
2. Calgary -West Division leaders and 6-2
3. Hamilton - yes 4 and 4 but they did beat...
4. Montreal - people can talk about "who has winnipeg beaten, but in 2011 who has montreal beaten" (plus they lost to sask aswell)
5. BC - Best of the rest IMO.not as bad as their 2-6 record indicates. Think these guys get on a roll in the second half.
6. Edmonton - The downfall continues. Came out of the gate strong( talent or just the fact that noone knew what to expect from a team full of rookies and new coaches?) (lack of depth showing) - they are free.. free falling. started week 6 against winnipeg and have looked awful since.
7. Toronto - Not as good as people expected, were built on sp teams and defense and both have yet to do much..Cleo Lemon and the argos Offence played aswell as they could against the ticats a few weeks back and lost. Things wont get easier for them in the second half of the season either.
8. Sask.. 1-7 is 1-7. The wheels have come off and i personally dont think firing marshall and berry will make that much of a difference. will durant stop throwing interceptions? will players all of a sudden catch the ball? will the d start to step up all because you replaced a couple coaches? who's the OC? lots of questions in sask right now.