Big Crowd in Montreal last Night

18,564 or less

been to game in montreal last season and it was awesome. fantastic experience. ppl in montreal love the alouettes and going to games.

big problem for als is how old the stadium is and not much more renovating can be done.

TV numbers are outstanding. Fans are very passionate. Attendance means nothing. Go to a game its one of the best in pro football.

location is a problem for many locals as well. and they love to play thursday and sunday games. and right now lots of people away at lake and summer vacation.

Wouldn't say attendance means "nothing"

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Tell the owner that attendance means nothing. I'm sure that he's not happy that they have dropped from 21k the last couple of games to 18k - a 3k drop in a lot of money in ticket/concession revenue.
Location is a problem? it was a problem that is why they moved from the big "Owe" to downtown.
Lots of people away at the lake and vacation? lot of people in the city too.........
TV numbers outstanding?? numbers? ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I'm sure the numbers will pick up at labour day, once summer cottage season ends , .

The Alouettes haven't put a very entertaining product on the field since Calvillo retired. Year after year, you lose fans until that changes.

The Als taking a beating in Toronto isn't going to sell tickets to their next home game.

What's the size of the season ticket base? Build that up and they're will be less inventory to sell. Als haven't been good for a while plus Thursday nights are harder sells than weekends. They did just under 20K vs. The Argos on a Friday a few weeks back.

#1 question to me in how to get it back up is, how connected is ownership and the president/sales staff they hire are with the businesses community?....both Anglophone and Francnaphone......there's the bread and butter right there.

I did tell him and he doesn't care. 21k. Learn from TFC fiasco. You can fill 30k stadium with freebies it doesn't do anything. Not everybody buys food and if you do not get full cut in sales what does it matter.

The Als stadium location is a big time problem. Terrible for parking, and to get in there for a weekday game is horrible.

TV #'s for als last 3 games locally averaged over 100k. Alouettes draw outstanding numbers as football is such a big sport in the entire region.

The stadium is not the problem.The problem is the Als have not had a good winning team in 5 years.

That's it, that's all!