Big Crowd for Cat/Argo Game?

Coming from the Hamilton area is a breeze to downtown Toronto at 6 or 7PM, if you drive or take the train or bus.
Getting to Newmarket or Vaughn for a 7PM game from Hamilton would be a nightmare, and there are no trains or busses

A nightmare getting to Vaughan? Is that a joke? I went to a wedding in Vaughan, actually Brampton last weekend, from my place near King and Lawrence to Brampton, got off at Winston Churchill, went up to Embleton Rd over to Mississauga Rd where the wedding was near, like 45 minutes, total piece of cake and much better than driving to downtown Toronto. And it's beautiful up there, McMichael Gallery near there in Kleinburg, I mean when do the Argos move there for pete sakes, I might be living there it's gorgeous. Ok, couldn't afford to live there for what I have in the old Red Hill area though. :wink:

Not bad. A cats-argos east final at Rogers should draw close to 40,000.

You say 10k and mikem says 7k. Where were you guys sitting to come up with estments like that. Those numbers are nothing short of ridiculous. One thousand plus maybe, but 10k - not from what I could see from were I was sitting.

Yep, ridiculous indeed ,… mikem I bet was sitting on his couch in Florida when he came up with his 7000 #.

A 100th grey cup winning team coming home after a four game road winning streak playing their rival from the GTA siuth in Hamilton. Hamilton has played its entire season at a 12K seat stadium in Guelph so there is not enough seats to even hold all of Hanlton season ticket holders.
You put all of this in a stadium of 50K where everyone can go and there are plenty of seats and barely 30K.
The Argos have tried. They were once able to get 30 K into RC for a regular game on a regular basis.
The Culture has changed not only is no one going to Argos games just because of RC but because of the area. Those in the city are placing them 5th on the depth chart on sports. The Argos have tried to make it work in downtown.
Change is hard for everyone but enough is enough and moving the team and the new stadium out of Downtown and to the Northern GTA is just what is going to happen.
It will be further away from Hamilton yes but the excpectation is that the stadium built to similar to THF and Landsdwone is expected to be filled with Argo fans.

Dead on cflsteve. :thup:

The Argos and downtown Toronto are basically dead and history as we speak.

A new area and a new start close enough for any fan still in the city and wide open to the newest growing population in the GTA North of the city. Hamilton was once the only area in the GTA outside the city to have its own team and stadium.
It is a new day and a new area and apparently some new interest from the municipalities in the area if all the reports are true that 3 or 4 different municipalities have shown interest in making the Argos new home in their municipality.
Seems like it will bring some new excitement to the Argos

Hey, I was only 124 off!!! Take that Kreskin!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

No freakin’ kidding on both accounts. However, in some folks’ eyes the Argos would be better off putting a stadium in a location accessible only by car from most directions, notwithstanding the perpetual traffic jam that is the 400-series of highways across the top of Toronto.

Earl you’re speaking exclusively from the point of view of comparing driving to downtown Toronto with driving to Vaughan. There are huge free parking lots at Aldershot and Burlington GO stations making the train ride to and from Rogers Centre a 50 minute piece of cake. Vaughan would FORCE fans to travel by car and in rush hour conditions for those Thursday or Friday night games.

I know the VAST majority of Tiger-Cats fans attend games in Hamilton by car exclusively but one would have to think a much higher portion take the train for the games in Toronto. This especially when games are scheduled such that transit would be over the rush hour. The infrastructure and convenience is there with the train.

What the proponents of a stadium in the north part of Toronto seem unwilling to acknowledge is that there is one major difference between that location and the current downtown location. Downtown, all fans are treated equally regardless of their preferred mode of transportation -- you can drive there from anywhere and you can take public transit there from just about anywhere in the GTA. In the North, you can still drive there from anywhere, but you cannot take public transit there from most of the GTA. Maybe only a small percentage of fans take transit -- I see lots of them on Lakeshore West GO trains but maybe that's still a small percentage -- but if you make it so those fans stop going to games because they don't drive or refuse to fight gridlock, are you doing yourself any favours? I think one thing everyone can agree on is that the Argos need more people attending their games than is currently the case. Is pushing some of your existing fanbase away really a good idea when you need more fans, not fewer?

Isn't a better place for the Argos somewhere in Mississauga the best of both transportation concepts. You could drive or take transit. McCallum Stadium how about it? Or is it not possible for a "Toronto" team to play in Mississauga?

Transit to Mississauga is lousy from elsewhere in the GTA, unless they find a location along the Lakeshore GO line, which would reduce driving options to basically the QEW from either direction. With the Subway extending to York University, it seems like a stadium on the York campus (or nearby) would be a better option than Mississauga.

How about McCallion? :wink: TiCat fan?$(KGrHqZ,!lQFF845QzJSBRhViecfD!~~48_35.JPG

So fans who live on the heavily travelled Lakeshore GO line can take the train to Union, then the subway to York, total travel time 90-120 minutes? Good luck getting a lot of folks to do that.

Right now regardless of what any of us think the Argos according to all reports are looking at 3 or 4 sights outside of Toronto and non within Toronto.
I would agree that having a stadium downtown would be the right thing if there was at least good slaes of the corproate suites but their is not. No businesses home offices bring clients or have any of their employes going to Argo games. You can say that the sight slines are terrible for the fans in the seats but the quality of the suites and VIP lounge or whatever are still among the tops in the CFL and their comfort and view of the game are as good as any other stadium.
Markham currently is the sight of 5 Canadian main offices of multi national corporations so if nothing els for those busisnesses and their empolyes and clients could easily be more likely to have a suite in the new Stadium in the Norther GTA and actually attend the games.
A million people watching CFL games on TSN and these corporations would most likley want to be an Argo sponsor as well be part of the the new Regional GTA experience.
The old formula of the Argos downtown has seemed to be gone for awhile and forever now.
Unlike Quebec City and Halifax these municipalities are also actually interested.
When someone in the Toronto Municipality becomes interested public and or private and able to do something about it like find funding how in the world are the Argos supposed to get a stadium funded downtown when no one is interested or has the resources availble to fund it.
The last two projects at Varsity and BMO were not interested and as far as I now there is still no interest exept for the MLSE talk which is only talk

Wait a second. The SUN reported

For the record, 28,467 were on hand in the first of a home and home set between the Argos and Ticats, two teams who will meet again on Thanksgiving Monday in Guelph.

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