Big Crowd for Cat/Argo Game?

Will this be the Biggest Crowd of the Year for the Argo's when they host the Hamilton Tiger-Cats this Friday Night at Roger's Centre?

The Argo's have been averaging around 22,000 for home games this year, one of the lowest in the CFL considering they play in such a large facility like the Roger's Centre, are a Grey Cup Winning Team, have the Coach of the Year in 2012, all these positives and the team is still losing at the gate, why?

Last time these two teams met at the Roger's Centre in the opening game the attendance was 29,852 will the Argo's surpass that or not with Tiger-Cat fans in attendance?

I'm sure David Braley would love to play every game against Hamilton when you consider the attendance from the last game.

Had the Cats been in a tight battle for first place in the East, I could easily envision a crowd of over 30,000++ at the RC, although I still expect to see a good 28,000-29,000 or so at the game.
(approx 26,000 Torontonians and 2-3000 from Hamilton)

I agree, 25-30000 seems legit for this game!.Even though I wish 45-50000 would be there! :smiley:

It is thought by many CFL officials that the success of the CFL hangs on the Argos winning games and championships and drawing lots of Hog towners to games. :roll:

I hope there's a good crowd. Something tells me though that it may not be the case.

you guys know that our capacity is (and has been for a few years since they started blocking off the upper deck) something like 31k, right?

if we match the 29k from the opener, i’d be well pleased. it would be a good omen for our remaining home games this season (including the EDF :stuck_out_tongue: )

If I’m David Braley and they can’t crack the 22k mark against Hamilton I dump the team now!!
I understand bigger crowds against Hamilton, they bring their own fans. Let’s hope the EDF is against Hamilton.

(including the EDF :stuck_out_tongue: ) Oh ya,you mean that game that decides who play’s in the Grey Cup??? You mean that game that your team is going to LOSE to the CATS!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Well it seems like NOBODY cared in Toronto that you won the Cup last year,and they will probably not even notice if you lose the EDF this year.If it ain’t the Makeme Laughs in T.O nobody gives a rat’s ass about anything else sports related in the Big Smoke anyways.Go Argos Go!!!..and take the Laughs,Craptors and BlowJays with ya!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll be there and I hope we spoil the Homecoming. Oskee Wee Wee!


The Blew team is really pushing to get a good crowd. I have received two e-mails and a phone call this week with ticket offers, because I bought tickets to see the 'Cats play there last year. It is awfully tempting, but Friday night is very tough for me to go.

It looks like they are going to get a good crowd , I would say pushing 30,000 when it is all said and done , ticketmaster shows sales being quite strong. Amazing what a Friday night game against Hamilton will do for attendance at the dome.

Honest question, lets be honest if you stay in TO post game, you are going to encounter people in Toronto who give the old "Oh, I don't really follow the CFL, but I do the NFL" types. What is the best way to deal with these people?

Who cares? You’re there to watch a football game, you don’t work in marketing for the CFL. If someone says that to you, just say “okay”, and carry on living your life.


A friday night at 7:00 in downtown Toronto will not be ideal for Ticat fans to make the Journey.
I know there is traffic on the weekends as well but at least it would not be a work day for many and at least a late afternoon start would have more people from Hamilton show interest in buying tickets early for the game like in the beginning of the season as part of the ticket packages the Cats offered. It may be easier for some top head to Guelph but it may also be easier for some to head into Toronto depending on where they live.
Hopefully one day before they leave Rogers Centre the Argos, Cats, CFL, Sponsors, TSN can come up with a coordianted plan to get all season ticket holders to a game. A 40K plus crowd at RC would make a huge difference in atmosphere.
Once they make RC baseball specific and an occasional soccer or Grey Cup game there that will leave the A's and the Raiders as the last tow baseball/football teams to share a stadium.
The 49ers have been playing at the multi candlestick but it has been used strickly for football
The Rams and the Cardinals had done the opposite with the domed stadium for football leaving the old Busch not to have to be converted for football.



Too bad the Argos couldn’t have at least 5 games a season against the Ticats. Great to see the 7,000 Ticat fans there.

But a Friday night in Newmarket or Vaughan would be ideal, right?

28,591 fans in attendance not bad I guess considering at least 10,000 plus were cheering for the Tiger-Cats!