Looks like last year when 51,269 took in the game at the Big O, there will be another huge crowd on Saturday.
As of Wednesday the following was sold:

President Larry Smith said more than 40,000 tickets have been sold for the Olympic Stadium game, "and sales are picking up momentum."

great and thanks!

Sweet! Hopefully it sells out :slight_smile:

I hope though they play a playoff game, if they get one of course, at Molson Stadium. One game a year at the Big O is enough I think as last year was it, when they had 2 games at the Big O, the second one, a playoff game, didn't get great attendance. Correct me if I'm wrong on this but it just seems I remember this.

That's true, I think the regular-season game at the Big Owe got over 51,000 (against the Argos if I remember) but the playoff game only got about 34,000 (against the Riders). I'm surprised that a game against the Riders had a low turnout like that, but maybe there aren't that many Rider fans in Montreal? If not, it could have something to do with the game being against a non-Eastern (ie, non-rival) team. And if Montreal was to play Winnipeg this year, it might have the same effect ... hopefully not, since a lot of tickets are being sold for the game against the shmoes ...

The reason that last years playoff turnout was less than the Reg season game was because the Als got pounded by the Argos and the fans retaliated.

However even with a poor turn out by Big O standards....There was still 14,000 more fans that can be held at Molson. For that reason they will never have a playoff game there.

The playoff game was probably not included in the season's ticket that game started in a 18,000 ticket deficit compared to the regular season game at the Big O...which may have accounted for some of the attendance dropoff...

i cant wait for this game today...i love seein the BIG crowds in much as i love seeing molson stadium, its nice to see 45K + for an alouette game once in awhile.

playoff games are never included in the season ticket prices

I just came across this on the Als site, the game will be a near sellout.

Currently: Montreal is one game behind the Argonauts for first place in the Eastern Division and a win over the Eskimos would allow the Alouettes to stay in the race. Head coach Jim Popp wasn’t particularly pleased with the referees’ judgment in the game against Saskatchewan, and it remains to be seen on how they will act in Montreal. Anthony Calvillo will need to throw perfect passes if he wants to become the first quarterback in CFL history to reach the 5,000 passing-yard mark five years in a row. He currently stands at 4,146 yards with two games to play. The Alouettes should be pumped playing in front of a nearly sold-out crowd for the Als Fan Day at the Olympic Stadium.

Actually the Als don't have to win today.
If they lose they will stay 2 points back.
They will then have to beat Toronto next week to tie them in the standings and take first on the season series.

If they win today they will be tied with Toronto and will still have to win next week to take sole possession of first place

i think they are in calgary...and if the stamps dont get a home playoff game, then the money is put towards next years season tickets.

That was done to avoid the embarrassment of the last playoff date with the brutal lack of showing by the fans.

exactly...i think every CFL team should start doin this.

but calgarys playoff game will be sold-out this year, fursure...stamps vs riders has become as big a rivalry as eskies vs stamps.

arg...montreal is wearing those ugly black jerseys.

I like them, just like Edmonton’s yellow.

why is cahoon wearing a different number durring warmups?...hes wearing 70-something.

Als need this win to tie with the Argos in points for the division lead after the Argos lost against the Riders last night. Also, if the Als win and Bombers don't, (I think) the Als would at least clinch 2nd place. I'm listening to the game and the Als are self-destructing themselves by taking pass interference penalties and led to an Esks TD. Not a good start.

als look like they dont want first in the east?

If the Als win 1 of their remaining 2 games or if Wpg loses 1 of thier remaining 2 the Als will get a home playoff game