Why is it everytime the officials make a horrible call the league trys to cover it up does our league take their policy out of the same book as the US army at guantanmo cuba Everyone who remotely knows anything about football knows that the lions didnt deserve that Win.. But what bothers me more is nothing is done about it and us fans definetly don't hear anything about it its all close door policy when an official screws up but anyone else on the field and its a media frenzy god i bet if a Cheerleader forgot her pompoms we would hear about that more and more would be done to fix the problem...

2 words...

George Black.

That is all.

'its all close door policy when an official screws up'

As it should be.

(You don't hang your dirty laundry on your front lawn, do you?)

The CFL is a private entity. The officials are working for them on a part -time basis and their salaries reflect that. If they were to become the only sports league in civilization to adopt what you are suggesting -- i.e. calling out officials in public on a regular basis -- they would be facing 1) unionization for full-time salaries from the $uckers who would allow themselves to be subjected to that and 2) in lieu or full-time salaries in that environment, having one hell of a time recruiting new officials.

Any form of public flogging, grading, wrist-slapping etc. of a league's officials diminishes the league. That is why any disciplining happens behind closed doors. Officials are graded confidentially by the head of officiating.

The NFL has publicly acknowledged errors by officials from time to time if they are truly egregious (one example being the blown "coin flip" incident in overtime of a Lions-Steelers game years ago).

The call is disputed in public in that case, not the official.

Officials are graded internally. Their ability to work playoff games is affected, the level varying from league to league.

However, it will NEVER acknowledge that its officials caused one team to win or lose. Never. To expect any private entity to do so is naive.

Oski Wee Wee,

That is fundamentally wrong. Refs should be publicly accountable because they are part of a very public package and effect the results of that package. The players as a minimum deserve to know what the real rules are (I believe the fans do as well) but that isn’t happening when the league refuses to explain these controversies.

I agree with Crash…Mr.Black is the problem. Talk about a old boys network. Black micromanages the boys in stripes. And never takes reponsiblity for being the head honcho. If there are some bad refs in the CFL HE and only HE is to blame.

As fun as it might be. :wink:

Black is the problem. That guy can find justification for absolutely anything the refs do. I realize that he's not going to hang one of them out to dry, but most of us are fairly intelligent and to deny something that is so blatantly obvious insults that intelligence and really annoys me to no end.

The way I see it is in two ways:

  1. The cats can stop taking so many penalties per game which naturally provides bias against Hamilton. Yes your thinking is correct that it should NOT exist, but it does because of that fact.

  2. We can all put an application in to become officials and try to do better.

Either way officials will never be held publicly accountable unless of course they are found to be placing illegal bets on games they officiate (like the current NBA Situation)

Explanations are required when the TV analysts go off on the officiating IMO. The league needs to get its head out of its butt and realize that decent officials want no part of the CFL because of the wretched public image CFL officials have. The only way to re-mediate that image is to educate the fans, hold the officials accountable for their actions and generally spend more time and money to improve the level of competence

It would also help if they allowed us to throw rotten eggs at Jake Ireland. :smiley:

Okay maybe it wouldn’t help, but it would make me feel a lot better. :wink:

You'd have company in the lineup from fans of every CFL club. He's EXACTLY what I'm talking about. He's universally hated and most of it is fans ignorance of the role of each official

As much as we bash the officials for bad calls on the overall they do a pretty good job.

Officiating is a difficult job especially at the pro level. The speed and intensity on the field is very high. Decisions are made in micro-seconds

The league is doing more to try and improve officiating, they have brought in instant reply.

I'm fairly sure the officiating is better now than it was 30 or 40 years ago. It's just that with televsion being such a large part of the game now, every play is scrutinized to death. Years ago the games weren't televised or they had limited cameras a lot of the bad or missed calls went unnoticed.

The officials will handle things internally and do thier best to make the corrections necessary to try and prevent it from happening again.

As long as there is sports there will always be bad calls

I was there 30 years ago. Its worse now in the CFL in spite of officiating being better in almost every other pro league. I feel the officials do an overall lousy job in the CFL. It may not be biased, if fact anyone who says it is needs to seek counseling, but its not even close to being competent

A lot of fans don't seem to realize the Referee only calls the fouls on the QB's, time counts, too many men etc. He only annouces what the other officials are calling, such as the pass interference and illegal blocks on kick returns as well as the pass completions. These last three are the most controversical and affect the outcomes of games more then the Referee calls.
To me the youngest and most inexpierenced officials seem to be making these calls. Probably because they have to be able to run. :slight_smile:

Actually it's the back judge that calls time counts.

The point still stand Jerk

I agree.
My statement actually was meant to emphasize his point even more.

I wonder if anyone will get bent because I called you Jerk?

There is the fact that the Referee is the leader of the officiating crew. IMHO - a bad ref = a bad crew.

If they were fulltime and set crews I would agree. They are neither