big country, samuels, armstead

5-8 heading into edm is not so bad. Those licks samuels smacked down were just viscious. kudos to jason. great grab by armstrong.

People are saying this game was an indication of glenn's ability to overcome (a late hit) but playing with a concussion. There is no need for dangerous hits, and glenn should never have been exposed to that (thanks cfl.) But make no mistake, a toronto team that has last years most outstanding player/gc with sask. can keep those labels.


Which labels?

alrighty then.

basically, joseph under kent austin was spoon fed his limited ability at reading defenses is now accentuated in toronto. Given the fact Sask. also gives joseph credence to counter the fact Glenn would've won the gc last year anyhow. (Which also gives my opinion on how a gc loss means more than "we played good enough to win -but still lost.")


a better bomber fan.

Dear 'Better Bomber Fan'

Please tell me when your birthday is so that I can send you a book on sentence structure to go along with your brand new thesaurus.


you are so clever i could shoot myself.

What can I say? It's a gift... LOL