Big contract QB curse.

So it looks like Lulay is out again for a while.

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There seems to be a curse on QB's in the CFL when they sign huge contracts. The three highest paid QB's have all gone on extended injury lists since signing their big contracts (Lulay, Durant, and Ray).

Are you sure Burris isn't in that same ballpark? I thought his paycheque was well into the $400s. And he's both the oldest and the most durable QB in the league.

Also, medium-sized contracts haven't exactly helped guys like Reilly, Willy, Glenn and Crompton avoid any "curses."

Is 2015 the year of the penalty,or the year of the hurt QB.. The last few seasons have been brutal to QBs.. I would not be surprised to see a team go to all Canadian recievers ,back field and put up p an American offensive front