Big Chris Schultz

Anyone know whats up with Schultzie. TSN is on code of silence re; the big man

So he's either sick - or taking time off!

NOTE: He's usually the one who doesn't miss games! :cowboy:

Wasn't he absent last summer too?
He came back after a month or two and nothing was mentioned.

Are you complaining? Its a breath of fresh air not having him there... enjoy it while it lasts!

Not100% sure but I know last year he lost his father and he took it quite hard......not sure about this season....hope he,s alright

Given TSN's cone of silence one leans to mental health issues! If it was a bum leg or bad ticker we'd know!

IIRC last year he was off due to an ailing mother.

I hope he's ok. He's a good guy IMHO and I enjoy his insight having played in both the CFL and NFL.

He might be on Vacation like the rest of us working mortals.

Last summer it was his father who passed away.
I hope it's nothing serious and he comes back soon as I enjoy his perspective.

With Milt away Jockstrap Climber was pressed into service. Schultzie would have brought his own unique perspective to the panel.. . .. .. talking more 'bout power differentials in the trenches vs. big plays and monster catches. I kind miss that! :cowboy: