Big Changes?

So are the Cats going to make big changes this week? Are we going to make any changes? Do we even need to make any changes?

At this point I see the team going 0-18 for sure if changes aren't made. At this point all that is left for the Ticats to look forward to is the home game against Calgary where they may by some blown call have a chance of winning. This club just seems to get worse every week. :shock:

Man I feel awful for you guys. Your team has quit, given up on their coach and each other. I dont know what is going to get you guys turned around but best of luck the rest of the way.

I Hope that we win a game and soon. I mean no matter how badly we do this season I'll always root for the ti-cats. Ive been a fan all my life and thats not about to change. I really do think we need to make some changes and soon though. Hey maybe we'll get Cheatwood back after the NFL cuts and then our Defensive Line and our defense will be that much better. Honestly I dont think hes going to come back. Anyone knwo if the cuts have happened yet??? I mean i follow the NFL but I dont follow it to much when the CFL starts.

I heard bob was thinking about replacing the white toilet paper in the washrooms to pink. I think he has a pinpoint on the problem.