Big Changes On Defence For LDG

8) According to Drew, it looks like there could be some big lineup changes on Defence for Monday's game.
   It would appear that newcomer, Brock Campbell will start at strong side linebacker, replacing Carlos Thomas.

    Also newly signed Nick Graham could replace Geoff Tisdale at one CB position, while Chris Rwabukamba, would
     replace Ryan Hinds at the other CB position.

      Matt Bucknor will be the safety, and Chevon Walker is back at tailback.

      Looks like Brandon Rutley will be on the kickoff return team again.

       Boy, that's a lot of changes especially in very critical areas of the defence.

       Unless these changes work out ok, Ricky Ray could be licking his chops in anticipation of exploiting them !!!

Those changes will mean squat unless Creehan tweaks his defence to be less predictable. If it remains as what we have seen to date, 4 man bull rush and 8 dropping back, I hate to say this, but Ray may have a career game.

I am hopeful Cortez told Creehan that you are not getting fired SO LONG as we have some result defensively, and it cannot all be on the backs of the players, it has to be on the defensive schemes.

It is so obvious to all, that Ray is primarily a pocket passer, and if given the time, can put the ball through the eye of a needle, but if harassed, plays awful. I would harass and pressure him regularly, let him try to pick up the reads and if he sees it, he succeeds, but if he doesn't he messes up.

Nick Graham looked really good for the Riders. Tisdale has been getting beat quite a bit in the last few games. As of today, Thomas was put on the 9 game. Personally, I think he should have been our safety. For this game we should have lined up like this, Graham, Tisdale, Thomas, Webb, Bucknor. I think this would have been a big improvement.

Really surprised that they've move Thomas right from starting SAM to the 9 game IR, unless he truly is quite injured.

Feel bad if he's not actually injured since he stepped up & into a role he had never played before filling in for Markeith @ SAM. I know he struggled playing a new position, but I would've liked to see him return to DB or safety since I think he's one of our better secondary players ... When healthy. Perhaps he truly is hurt.

Agree that Tisdale has not been great this year. He's been toasted more than anyone else in the back 5.

The way I read the depth chart is Hinds at field side corner, Webb @ field side half, Bucknor @ safety, Murillo & Tisdale @ short side half & corner respectively.

Not too sure why Bruce Davis is on the PR as I've felt he's looked quite good.

Hopefully Campbell @ SAM gives us a little more jam inside while still being able to cover slots & RB's coming out of the backfield.

In Tisdale's last stint here, he played much better at half than he did at corner.

The same defensive line gives me a bad feeling. Let’s hope Peach is a peach and Rose is a rose. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)