Big Changes @Fan590

8) It would appear that morning hosts, Don Landry and Gord Stellick, along with mid morning man, Mike Hogan, have
  all been let go by the station.  Jack Armstrong was just talking about it a few minutes ago on his show.

  Apparently the station is going in a new direction and format.

  There is no longer any mention of these 3 guys on the stations site !!!

   Mike Hogan was also the play by play man for Argo broadcasts.

   Tough business to be in, especially these days.  I heard several months ago that The Fan was in some financial difficulty.

Zack Copper has replaced Mike Hogan.

I'd like to know the details behind this change.

Mike is and excellent broadcaster and strong supporter of Canadian football. If he goes to Sirius then I'll subscribe to it.

I think these are all good broadcasters...$#!t happens and I think these guys will all land on their feet somewhere. Best of luck to them.

So they let those three go but keep Armstrong? That's a joke!

A blogger is saying Andrew Krystal is replacing Hogan. Krystal was a key member of the now defunct Mojo Radio. I can't remember the exact details but I think Krystal pushed the envelope a bit too far and went into exile on a Halifax station. He's quite the personality but I'm not sure how much sports he knows.

8) Mike is also a member of this site, and used to post on here periodically during the football season.
 You're right, he is also an excellent football broadcaster as well.
8) You've got that right !!! :wink:

Wow that is awful. Really crappy. Any chance Hogan could be a stadium announcer?? Just curious lol

It sure as heck is !! And not a very funny one at that. . .

Wow this is a big shock - Don and Gord were great - Jack is horrible...not only is he American and everything he relates to is from the US - but it is ALWAYS about basketball....not that basketball has it place, but Jack has no depth in any other sport so I will always tune out his raspy voice when taking about the Raptors

That's terrible. It's strange that they just changed the name of Hogie's show from 'The Bullpen' to 'The Mike Hogan Show' a few weeks ago. Maybe they were hoping for a ratings boost from the name change. Hogie is a real great voice for the CFL (and I don't just mean his play-by-play), what a shame.

I really enjoyed Landry and Stellick too, very disappointed about this.

And Zack Cooper? No thanks. On Monday night I was working in the yard listening to the radio and hoped to catch the baseball game, but there wasn't one. Instead, it was 3 hrs with Zack Cooper. Ugh.

Here's the new morning schedule:
6:00am - 9:00amThe FAN 590 Morning Show.
9:00am - 12:00pmThe FAN 590 Midday Show. Zack Cooper

Cooper could just be temporary, we can hope.

Never really listened to 640 before, maybe I need to start.


Where hoggie going now I will Listen to them ..

Maybe 900 Should Step up and add Mike..

Aw man! Too bad!

I really enjoyed both shows, espacially Hogie's and his excelllent Canadain football coverage whether it was CFL or CIS.

Bummer. I'm sure he'll turn up somewhere. I think we need better national TV coverage of CIS football, and here's a guy who can play an integral part.

There is a new program manager at 590. Similar to a new GM of a sports team it appears he's cleaning house and bringing his own crew in. If Andrew Krystal is one of them then I suspect the new direction is more American style: brash, in your face. Hogan is more cerebral and insightful.

Pure speculation, but maybe they'll offer Jeff Blair something? I thought he's been great when he was filling in for McCown.


Landry is good.
Hogan is top rate, he was an asset to the fan if you ask me.
Stellick IMO was horrible and he brought the morning show down. I tuned the morning show out a while back just because I could not stand listening to Stellick any longer.

I hope they all land on their feet. Jack Armstrong doing the morning show? Yikes, for the fan's sake that better be exremely temporary.

Y108 does this all the time, you get used to the hosts then they dump them cold Turkey. I'm surprised Ben and Kerry have lasted this long.....

He was brought into Kitchener to revise the format of 570 am and he completely destroyed the old line-up to change the format. I believe that he's a hatchet-man for the higher ups.

Jeff Allan certainly isn't my cup of tea, but Gary Doyle is easy to listen to in the afternoons. He isn't doing the Rangers games anymore.

It's funny how some people like Landry. His voice has the affect of finger nails down a chalk board for me. The only sport he knows anything about is curling. Then again, the morning show is more enterainment then anything else. It's primarily to ease the pain of commuters wasting parts of their lives away stopping and going.

I hope Hogan lets us know where he moves on to.

This is terrible news. I really enjoyed MIke Hogan’s show, especially Football Friday. I wonder what this means for Football Friday. Is that gone by the way side now? What about Chris Schultz? I guess if Football Friday is gone then he is as well. Maybe it’s time for CFL talk radio? Hosted by Hogan and Schultz? :wink:

:thup: :thup: :thup: