Big challenge Sun...stop Adarius Bowman!

One of the keys to a victory on Sunday will be shutting down the Peg's top receiver Adarius Bowman. Last game we played them he killed us. Bo Smith got his butt whooped by him in that game. The guy's on fire and must be kept in check if we are to win. The big play has killed us more often than not. Hopefully Bo is up to the challenge when he is challenged. :cowboy:

That's IF Adarius Bowman plays... he didn't play last week, injured.. no idea on status though

I imagine he'll play. Hell....he came back into a game after having a concussion.

Mike Kelly said that he'll be playing so that's what I had to go on. I know the Cat's will prepare as if he's doubt he's a big impact player for them. :cowboy:

Put Bishop in the turf and Bowman will be a non-issue and Kelly won't wanna talk about it.

Bo Smith :frowning:

I couldn't agree more. We need to stop that clown. If we get as much pressure on Bishop as we did on Durant and company, Bowman won't be a factor. Bishop isn't the best under pressure.

I want to see us beat Winnipeg on sunday and knock them out of the playoffs. Then we host BC or Edmonton, not another trip to Winnipeg, two losses in a row on the road in the Peg would be humiliating.
To me a loss on Sunday and it will have been a bad 8-10 season and we'll be talking about how we COULD have done much better this season and how we can't win on the road.

A win on Sunday and its we are 9-9, a home playoff game and a season exceeding everyones predictions.

Very true, and it just might be the major key to the game. The D line and LB corps came up big against the Green Riders, best pressure we've seen from the Cats against an opposing QB all season.

Do it again.

The challenge is stopping Bishop not Bowman.
If we rattle Bishop early he can throw 4 interceptions easy.
If they let the Bomber receivers get behind them and let Bishop use that BIG arm then we're in trouble.
Our safety really needs to have a strong game.
Hopefully we can blitz some linebackers and make Bishop look dumb.
As long as the Ticats don't drop any passes I feel like Glenn will be succesful.
He knows how to read a defence and find the open man

No doubt we have to stop Bishop, I think that's a given...keep him inside, don't let him outside and pressure him. My concern was you can put the heat on him 9 out of 10 times but that one time he gets it down the field you can be sure he'll be looking to Bowman. Last game out he ate Bo up. The big play killed us in that game and it was Bowman catching and yac that did the damage. I don't think he played last game out against the Als but I do know that their O started to take off with him in the lineup. If they get him the ball, he's a force to reckon with. Having said that I think we'll be ready for him this time. :cowboy:

Bingo. That's the key. Pressure but don't let him scramble outside the pocket.

The Bish does that all on his own...

Reference Bishop, if you hit the octopus on the head, the arms go kind of "limp"

So if our DLine pressures him, well its a long game to succeed by means of running the ball.

Mind, if he gets hurt, they are in the sewer for sure!

Their secondary was beaten up badly (ie injured) last week against Mtl, and you kind of get the idea that we should beable to "cover" "one" reciever, let alone however many others are on the field.

Kevin Glenn may or may not have a "motive" for playing the Bombers, lets not write it off until its done!

you guys are bang on about bish... keep him in the pocket and you guys are fine... he cant hit a house under pressue WHEN HE'S IN THE POCKET if hes able to get outside he;s surprisingly accurate and his arm is very dangerous on extended plays after recievers have released. either way should be a great game... best of luck

If our D plays like they did against the Riders, that shouldn’t be a problem.