Big Cats vs Big Cats

Anybody on the main board?

Good TD by Lions unfortunately aided by a garbage horsecollar penalty call.

It looked like a mistake by the officials on the horse collar tackle, but I could understand why it was ruled that in real time, tough call that came back to bite the TiCats.

Going to be interesting to see how the Cats defence shakes out. Will they be trying to duplicate Montreal and has BC adjusted.

Interesting that the Cats secondary was crossed up several times on the BC series.

It's certainly an intriguing battle, one of the top offenses against one of the top defenses. On the flip said, a very mediocre Lions O against a terrible but improving Cats D.

I am hoping that i'm wrong in my picks this week, and that Hamilton pulls out an upset.

Interesting talk on the tube about simplification of the BC offense while Hamilton has been talking about adding more elements. However, the loss of Giguere is really going to hurt them tonight as it affects loads of the offensive sets. Stala can't duplicate the speed and so Ellingson gets extra coverage.

Isn't it Big Cats vs the Little Cats? Haveta decide who is who...

I'd really love to see the Ticats puts some points on the board and humble that Lions D a bit, they are easily the most in your face and cocky after they make a play.

Well in nature Tigers are bigger (about 20%) and stronger. In this game.....?

The sad thing about tonight is that this Cats fan is watching the tube with a Bills fan.... 35-15 for THOSE lions in NFL preseason.

BC playing like they should and not the disorganized mess they threw out on the field vs the Als.

Ticats were overrated coming into the game just because they had two good offensive showings against a Bomber D that's made every QB they've played this year look good.

Overrated? By who. Team on a streak that is improving. That's what they are.

Of course as soon as I post that the Ticats start moving the ball down the field.

Had to smile. :smiley:

They're on a 3 game win streak thanks to a 1 pt over the eskies 3 weeks ago and back to back wins vs Wpg. Should be careful on reading too much into the bomber wins. The bomber D is giving up a lot of yards and points every game to everyone and the offense is terrible and turns the ball over a couple times a game. I don't think beating the bombers is any indicator of how good your football team is. We're just not a competitive team at all.

Now have to cry. :cry:

Miserable Arceneaux.....

I agree that you can’t read too much into it… just that they’re improving and the psychology of a streak often adds a TD to a score. THIS is a much better test.

Watching the Ticat D reminds me of the bomber D - open receivers everywhere, DBs standing around or in a chase position.

They don't look like the developing D of the past 4 weeks. Lions confusing the youngsters.

Of the past 4 weeks? 4 weeks ago the Ticats lost 32-20 to the Riders. Well I guess that was an improvement over losing 37-0 to the Riders the week before.

But see - just because your D looked good 3 weeks in a row against 2 of the worst teams in the league doesn't mean your D is good, just that the other guys are that bad they make you look good :wink: