Big Canadian Receiver to get tryout.

The Halifax News gets the scoop

Marcel has put a two-time Most Outstanding Player
in the Atlantic Universities Football Conference

on our negotiation list and he is expected
to be at our Training Camp this Spring.

Ivan Birungi from the Acadia Axemen also earned
C.I.S 2nd team all Canadian honours this year.

He broke the AUFC record for career
receiving touchdowns with 29 TDs,

the 2nd most in C.I.S. history
behind Andy Fantuz of Western Ontario (41).

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Very good news, Ron. From what I’ve heard and seen about Ivan, he could very well be a Ticat keeper!

Oski Wee Wee,

Interestin' - Birungi was a 4th round pick by the Als last year - i thought CFL teams could bring picks into TC for a look and then still retain their rights if they went back for a 5th year of CIS ball? - perhaps the Als gave up on Birungi and outright cut him? - seems like a waste of a draft pick if you don't have to cut him?
Birungi's a big target, play-making receiver with Acadia - hope he gets a real look in TC - Flemming has languished on the bench with next to no playing time in a suspect receiving corps. Will the Ticats still be able to bring back Chris Sutherland (huge O-lineman from the Sask. Huskies) after drafting him last year or is he liable to be poached by another CFL team?

I like what Desjardins is doing here. It's a good move. I thought the Ticats might draft Birungi last year with one of their top picks. He was highly touted, and might contribute in Taaffe's system if given a fair shot.

If he was released by Montreal wouldn't he be a free agent, and we could just invite him to camp?

I thought the neg list was for Import players?

The neg list is for imports. And last I heard Ivan had already been invited to attend the Al's camp again this year. As a drafted player he still belongs to the AL's. It's common for players to attend a camp in the draft year, and then return to their college team. Heck, he even has another year of CIAU eligibility. Having said that, if the AL's quietly released him then we could give him a look.

NI players can be on the neg list too (BC recently signed CIS all-star RB Chris Ciezki (UBC) - who it seems was draft eligible a couple of years ago but wasn't picked and i read Wally put him on the Lions neg list - a bunch of other CFL teams missed the boat on that guy even though he was at the CFL Combine as a Junior in 04). Still don't get why the Als would just release Birungi though if they were allowed to bring him back? - unless they didn't like what they saw in TC last year?

Maybe when a draft choice with University eligibility
goes back for another year, the team has to place him
on their negotiation list in order to retain rights to him.

Teams can only keep 35 names
on their negotiation list.

Maybe Montreal took him off their neg list
in order to to put another player on it.


If so, this system allows such a player
to seek tryouts with other CFL teams

and is a fairer system for such a player.

Why dont we look up some Tight ends? Taaffe mentioned he was interested in beefing up the run game and having some tight end sets. We should trade for Corey Halfaway

Well the article in the gazette confirms the big guy is coming in for a try out. Ivan has size and speed. He certainly dominated at the CIAU level. Definitely worth a good look see.

Why trade? I think we could try to get a fullback in the draft with hands (if one is available) and do the same thing. I want to see us use TEs as a receiving target. It's good to have a big guy to cross the middle with.

Robert Pavolvic - a tight end with South Carolina - will be up in the draft i believe; better to go with an experienced, natural tight end - used to running patterns, good hands, used to blocking out of the position - IF a CFL team was serious about using a tight end for the offence; a lot of CFL teams now use a tight end set (or double TE) once in awhile - and they'll use a fullback or a lineman (Brent Johnson got a TD pass this past season) - so that can do as a part-time little / used set-up; but a real tight end is a specific position and good ones have acquired skills there (Hathaway was a TE in US college ball, so was Regimbald; and the Ticats had a tight end a few years back in Ray Thomas, but they didn't line him up as a tight end) - i'll believe Taafe or any other CFL team is serious about making use of a tight end, (as a receiver plus a big blocker to help with the run game) on anything more than a very occassional basis, when i see it - and love to see it - bet it could be very effective against current CFL defences who have no clue about the defending the formation because it hasn't been used in years (actually decades).

I suggested Hathaway because he is a PROVEN natural Canadian Tightend who switched to fullback. However if we are looking for an experience TE, why not go after OJ Santiago? He just got cut from the Patriots

Santiago was drafted by the Esks way back in 97 - i think they would still retain his CFL rights (but not sure?) - but ya, be nice to see him in the CFL and with the Ticats. Anyways, i really doubt we are going to see much use of a real tight end from any CFL team in the near future - and i don't recall Taafe using a TE at all in his days coaching the Als - a fullback or a back-up O-lineman can probably suffice for CFL offences' limited purpose there.