Big Canadian Flag at Grey Cup????

I was just wondering... maybe some others have thought about this too.... I have been to the Grey Cup quite a few times and the Canadian Flag they use is just sad!!! I think it would be AWESOME to see Hamilton's big Canadian flag at the Grey Cup.... it would look amazing!!!
Is there any way we can make this happen????

That's Hamilton's flag, if they want it, they're just going to have to play a GC game here 8)

Sorry they spent the all the budget on BLUE RODEOs half time show! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

You no how many staff or volunteers is needed to show that great flag ....I would like to no but from a guess i would say 200 kid's or adult's whatever ! But all those people would usually get free tickets with helping do the flag cadet's ,cub,s scouts, minor football ,,you no what im saying ..So at a Grey Cup game how would you ever give away that many money making seat's for a Big great Canadian Flag when they can make more money ...Dont get me wrong i would love too see that Flag at the Big show but i cant see it happening .

Now i got questions !!

Where is this flag company located ?
How many people does it safely take to handle that Great Canadian Flag ?
How and where is it stored ?
How is it packed ?

Anyone no whaere we can find this info now ...?

A few more questions...

Has anyone ever told the people who are handling the flag...particularly the ones around the perimeter to REMOVE THEIR HATS when the national anthem is played? (no excuse for that)

Has anyone ever instructed those handling the flag as it comes in or is being taken back that it is gross disrespect to let it drag on the ground? (military and cadets know better...perhaps they should be doing all the handling)

Has anyone ever told the people underneath that it is a further sign of disrespect to stick their hands through holes and WAVE during the national anthem? (let's get the holes fixed)

I am so proud to see that flag every game and sing our national anthem! :thup: Let's respect it and those that went before us who gave us our rights and freedoms.

I agree on alot of what ya say woody but you try and babysit 200 screaming kids ...looked like alot of young kids this time around ..But i hear ya very exciting to be on the field haven fun and forget about the reason why there aloud to run free and have fun .... I looked past those little things in my head and remembered the BIGGER things during the Singing of our national anthem of Canada. You should try the same .

I agree 8)

Phatz chance they'll play here at IWS. :wink:

Sorry, had to do that Phatz. :slight_smile:

I asked a question and also gave a suggestion. Have you ever heard of the" broken window syndrome?"

didn't think so... :wink:

Anyway, a simple reminder to those that are involved and that should do it! :thup: