BIG Bye Week

How big will the week off be for the team? I’ve always been of two minds when it comes to the week off between games ( rusty, maybe lose a little intensity or edge ) But for this team, right now, I don’t think the break will do anything but good. The two early bye weeks, and the effort extended to finish .500 and take first place in the East after starting 1-6 has been nothing short of miraculous! They definitely deserve it. Oski!! :rockin:

I agree. It will allow small injuries time to heal. Only a good thing. Also more time to work Nic Grigsby and his running into the offense, a necessity in November football.

Do you 2 know each other lol

I don't like the week off tbh. But I'll take home field advantage.

I'd hoped at the very lery least we can get Fantuz back.

I think the week off will be a good thing for those who are injured but at the same time, this young team could
lose its timing. It’ll be up to the coaching staff to see that this doesn’t happen. Drills, drills and more drills until
they are a fine tuned machine. (Particularly the “O” line).

Go Cats, go!! :thup:

We have played 11 weeks straight without any breaks we need this Bye Week :rockin:

It's 2 weeks off, lets hope the rust doesn't settle in.

Good chance to let knicked up players heal up a little more before the week of practice leading into the EDF.

Better chance that a player like Fantuz will be available.

Any word yet how they're going to use the time. Off days? When they're going to return to work? How do they usually utilize the extra time? :?

I read that the team will be off until next Sunday. They can go home to visit family or stay in town. They are supposed to meet and watch the EDSF on Sunday. Film work will then start on Monday with the usual 3 days of practice before the EDF. Although it might seem like rust could set in, I honestly don't think that would be a concern for this team. They are bound for greatness.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: